Gabriel Aubry & His Birthday Girl

Birthday with daddy!

French-Canadian male model Gabriel Aubry and his daughter Nahla were spotted at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (March 16). The beautiful pair were together on Nahla’s 4th birthday, hanging out with friends, taking in a movie, and enjoying the sunny day.

No sign of Nahla’s mother, Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry. Unfortunately, Halle and Gabriel are at war over custody of their gorgeous girl.

“The fact is that Gabriel is a caring father who shares custody of Nahla,” Aubry’s rep has stated. “Gabriel fully believes that a consistent and balanced living situation and two loving parents are crucial for their child even if Ms. Berry feels otherwise. He will always defend his rights as a father and will always consider Nahla’s best interest. Halle’s continuing allegations in the press are untrue and irresponsible.”

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  1. That is a beautiful photo. I would try and get a copy of it if I were Gabriel and get it framed. It’s evident in just about every photo you see of the two of them together that Nahla thinks the world of her daddy.

  2. This adorable little girl seems so happy when she is with her daddy. Pictures don’t lie, regarding a child of this age. This pictures shows Gabriel happier than Ive seen him in any pictures. I’ve never seen a picture of him smiling the way he smiles in this one.

    May God continue to bless you Gabriel. We are praying that you will always be able to be a daddy to your little girl. You are deserving and this is YOUR child (and Halle’s). No one should be deprieved of their parental rights, when they are a good parent.

    This picture makes me very happy!

  3. Funny how so many can diagnose a family from a picture. Apparently more so than a judge with all the evidence.

    • Lakesha,

      The judge has been presented with evidence that indicates Gabriel is a loving, caring father. So, not only does the pictures speak for themselves, but the investigation of how Gabriel is as a father is in his favor as well. So, deal with it!

      • You obviously have not been following the case…he is still under supervised visits. There is none as blind as one who will not see.

    • If you were paying any attention, you would notice that the judge has been ruling in Gabriel’s favor, b/c there is nothing bad going on. He no longer has supervised visitation and they threw out the nanny’s bs claims.

  4. Halle was Gabrielle’s meal ticket. He wants custody because his career is over and his restaurant failed. Of course he’s happy when he’s with his daughter dollar signs of Halle’s money is probably dancing in his vacuous head.

    • Devyn:

      how can someone who earns approx $700,000 per year need a meal ticket. I think that amount of money can buy a lot of meals. If he hasn’t been working much lately, my guess is that it’s probably been because Halle has been hauling him into court frequently. I would give up working assignments too, and fight the charges, as he’s doing, if someone were trying to take my child away from me! Obviously, you are a Halle fan, but remember, the truth will always win!

      • I’m no fan of halle’s as an actor or even a person. I remember her hit and run incident and based on her history she has the worst taste in men. However, just reading these comments by most of you it appears that Gabriel is a great father because he’s good looking. He is very photogenic and uses his career as a model to exploit every photo-op with his child. Halle doesn’t appear to be happy because she doesn’t have anything to prove. Gabriel, on the other hand is suspect, and like the rest of you I can speculate because none of us really know the truth.

    • He hardly needs a meal ticket. Halle, on the other hand, wanted a baby, wasn’t getting any younger and needed sperm to make one. Things were fine until she decided he wasn’t playing by her rules anymore, then it was all about him being unfit. Pay attention. It’s so blatant.

    • you are absolutely right Devyn !
      He is so vindictive and lets think! Why he dates Kardashians, slurs racist remarks (with reported witnesses), and is BEYOND JEALOUS of Olivier Martinez!
      How much of a immature idiot can you be? A man who loves your ex and daughter is trying to be in your daughters life because you aren’t pulling your weight as a father! Must be very embarrassing Gabriel… Very embarrassing !

  5. Nahla looks beautiful and so happy to be with her father. I too, would frame this pic. I do not think Miss Berry has heard the word “no” in a long time. Keep fighting for your daughter to notbe allowed to be moved to Paris. I believe Miss Berry will hear the magic word”NO”

  6. I love seeing a father who takes care of his child! Gabriel seems like an amazing dad & Nahla always seems happier when she’s with him. This photo is too sweet!!

  7. Gabriel does not regard Halle as a meal ticket. However, she has made him so frustrated with these false allegations that he now is seeking some child support money for Nahla. He never did before (Nahla is 4) but he’s had enough of the lies. Most people would do the same. Why not? She’s worth something like $75 Million.

  8. Meal ticket! He lives high on the hog, and enjoys the lifestyle he picked up being Halle’s man. He ain’t giving that up – and to nail – he knocked her up to assure he’d be getting his money! He’s got a serious rep – that landed him in foster care, from one foster home to another, there was a REASON for that – that he didn’t grow up at home with FAM – they couldn’t handle HIM or his temper! Halle tried, but WOKE UP… now, due to Nahla, she can’t get rid of the leeching, trifling, gigolo!

    • Maybe she got pregnant so that she could have a lapdog. We spectators have no clue as to their relationship.

    • @ Mfields:

      You obviously haven’t done your research. Prior to Gabriel becoming “Mr. Halle”, he was a very successful model, pulling in around $700,000 per year or more. He still is a successful model. He has traveled the world, and just recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong.

      Every man that Halle has become involved with seems to have to put their career on hold, in order to follow her, cater to her, and be there with her at every beckon and call.

      When she was married to Eric Benet, Eric stopped singing basically, and didn’t put out anything music that I’m aware of, during the marriage. (after the divorce, he started pursuing his career again, and now doing well).

      When she was married to David Justice, I read somewhere that one of their big problems was that she was not supportive of him, in his career. Yet, she wanted him to follow her around, which he could not do because he wasn’t going to give up his career.

      If Gabriel wants anything financial from her, he’s probably deserving because he has had to put his career on hold, at times, to fight for his daughter (running back & forth to court). It’s either stay and fight, or travel around the world frequently & before you know it, your little daughter is taken from you. What decision would anyone make? He deserves to be compensated for the times that he lost working, while all the BS is going on.

      I also read that Gabriel ended up in foster homes because his mother was trying to raise 9 children, (perhaps alone?) and it was difficult financially so she chose to put some of her kids in foster homes. I also read that Gabriel’s background had been squeaky clean before his involvement with Halle.

      People are not praising him solely because he is good-looking (no doubt about that), but rather because all of the negative things that we are hearing is from Halle’s side; Gabriel has said very, very little about his situation. I read that he has had enough, and if she keeps harrassing him with falsehooded accusations, he will sue her. I can’t say that I blame him. Enough is enough!

      I used to be a BIG Halle fan, and own every movie that she has been in, in the past. I had the utmost respect for her and thought she was a very decent human being. After everything that I’ve read, my opinion has changed… as thousands of others have changed their opinion. We all want the best for the little girl, and don’t want her to grow up hating men because she had to grow up without her father, as Halle did. That really can harm a child.

  9. Nahla seems happy with both her parents. Media likes to release these happier images of Nahla/daddy I think the media is playing a GREAT game, making so many of us form opinions that can be so cruel against both Halle and Gabe. In the end the courts will do what’s best for all parties involved.

  10. MFields @

    O ya he knocked agenst her while just so he can have a meal

    If he had such a temper why even after they split she was still saying what a good father he was, and only change her story when he wanted more time with his daughter and the judge has not taken away all his rights. Not only that why haven’t other girlfriends came out and talk about his temper.

  11. @MFields <---Halle is that you? I did not think you read the blogs. I hope that Nahla can continue to enjoy a relationship with her father. If he was bounced from foster home to foster home I can see why he is fighting tooth and nail to stay in his daughter's life.

  12. He has no temper, been a gentleman through this whole witch hunt. It’s all been fabricated by Halle’s camp. And he did not leech off Halle. She did pay his court costs but why shouldn’t she? It was her who hauled him into court on bogus charges in the first place. Gabriel was “a great father, so good with Nahla, so patient” until the relationship ended. Then all of a sudden he’s this horrible ogre? Oh please. So fake, so very very obvious.

  13. They both seem selfish an intent on ruining their kid’s childhood! I find it weird Halle missed her birthday since she’s such a great mother an all…

  14. In most situations its the mother that gets child support but when the father does people go crying that it’s not fair! Usually it comes down to what parent makes more money. Halle therefore would be no acception.
    That being said, they both seem immature when it comes to how they deal with situations but I don’t think there is any denying that Nahla loves her daddy and she never seems upset or distraught around him. There is no need to remove a child from someone’s care if they cannot prove that he is at risk to hurt or injure his own child.
    I think the judges had enough to prove that he is no threat to Nahla.

  15. Melt. Tears well in my eyes when I see these two together. I doubt he’s perfect, but as a father you can see he is loving and protective. The bond they have is beautiful.

  16. I think that Nahla is happy with both parents and both parents are selfish and put their needs before hers. I don’t feel Halle is being 100% respectful to the father daughter relationship and I think Gabriel is being spiteful by demanding money to buy Nahla’s clothes and requesting $20,000 a month so that she can live in a bigger house! He also gets expense free travel and accommodations when Halle has to work out of the states to watch his own child! Really? What is he spending his own salary on? That is a bit much. There are always 2 sides a story and the truth so can we really judge what we can’t see when the door closes? I don’t side with either one just hoping they grow before Nahla does….

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