Hugh Grant Is “Absolutely Thrilled” To Have Daughter Tabitha

Actor Hugh Grant has remained tight-lipped on fatherhood since his daughter was born last year, but in a new interview with UK newspaper The Guardian, the Love Actually star says he’s “absolutely thrilled” to be a dad.

Though he admits he’s not been overly fond of babies in the past, his daughter Tabitha seems to have made him have a change of heart: “Um, lots of people warned me about that; they said never let anyone know, but the baby period is not that exciting. But I am excited, actually. I thought, well, I’ll bluff through – but very little bluffing has been required. I like my daughter very much. Fantastic. Has she changed my life? I’m not sure. Not yet. Not massively, no. But I’m absolutely thrilled to have had her, I really am. And I feel a better person.”

While you won’t find any parenting books on his bedside table, Hugh, 51, does have his own ideas about how to raise a child and says he’ll be “incredibly strict” with Tabitha on certain issues.

“Well, it would all be total hypocrisy, of course, but things like good manners and not being selfish,” he explains. “It’s just unattractive in a child, I don’t like it. And discipline – I do think discipline’s important. I’m very glad that I had quite a strict mother who was big on discipline, because you really cannot get anything done in life if there’s too much.”

Hugh is also very insistent that he won’t be spoiling Tabitha as she grows up, saying, “But also my other worry is about – and as I say, there are few things in life I believe in 100% – but another one is not giving your children money. I see nothing but f**k-ups among my trust-fund friends. It’s like 99% f**k-ups. So I would not want to do that to my children, no.”

Tabitha’s mom is Tinglan Hong. Though they’re not together, she and Hugh seem to remain on very good terms; he describes her in the interview as “a good person, a nice person; funny, clever, great mother.”

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  1. Wow, did he age. He’s 51 years old and he’s got all those crows feet. Imagine what he’ll look like in 10 years. But then again should commend him for not running and getting a facelift.

  2. Another rich idiot who can’t be bothered to wrap it up. Another “we are not a couple”. How can you teach a child to responsible when you are so immature yourself? sheesh…

    • Having the wisdom and maturity to remove oneself from a situation that would make your child, your child’s mother and you are all miserable IS responsible. What would you have him do instead? Force her to abort the kid? Force himself and force her to fall madly in love with each other? That’s not practical or possible, and you know it. If the child’s mother didn’t want her, she wouldn’t be here. So she is here and she is loved and wanted by both her parents, I do not see how you could possibly have a problem with this. Nor why it is any of your business.

  3. She probably hasn’t changed his life much because she’s seldom in it. There’s no way a child doesn’t change your life if you are an active parent. Grow up Hugh.

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