Kris Jenner: “Women Need To Talk About Their Sexual Health More Freely”

Kris Jenner, the matriarch and ‘momager’ of the highly successful Kardashian clan, has just put her stamp of approval on Zestra®Essential Arousal Oils™, over-the-counter products that are clinically proven to enhance women’s sexual pleasure. Jenner, a 56-year-old mother-of-six and wife of Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about empowering women to “talk about their sexual health more freely.”

Mom to reality TV starlets Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kris says she has “always been open about sex” with her kids. Kris also opens up about Kim’s high-profile divorce, her “adorable and cuddly” grandson Mason, and her rocky past with Kourtney’s beau Scott Disick.

CBS: You’ve recently partnered with Zestra®Essential Arousal Oils™. We hear their products are clinically proven to enhance women’s sexual pleasure. Do tell!

KJ: “I believe that women need to talk about their sexual health more freely. People are sometimes shy and intimidated. I want to get the message out that women can feel better. Who doesn’t want to feel great? So when I was given Zestra by a friend and pretty much fell in love with it, I realized that I wanted to tell my girlfriends and everyone else.”

CBS: Have you always been open about the subject of sex with your girls? How old were they when they came to you with questions?

KJ: “I have always been open about sex. I think it is important that children learn about this from their parents and not their friends. I have always talked about being respectful about sex – being safe, in the context of a trusting relationship. I don’t remember when the big girls asked, but now, thankfully, Khloe talks to the younger girls.”

CBS: Congratulations on your second grandchild on-the-way! Are you excited it’s a girl?

KJ: “We only pray for a healthy baby. Kourt is a great mom to Mason and she will be to a girl as well. And we certainly have lots of aunts around for special girl time.”

CBS: How’s Mason doing? What is he into?

KJ: “Mason is great, adorable, and cuddly. He loves to play cars, read books and explore outside with his parents or one of his doting aunts and uncles. He will be a great big brother.”

CBS: As the ‘momager’ of one of the most popular celebrities in the world, was it difficult for you to see Kim go through such a public divorce? Do you believe she’ll find true love one day and fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother?

KJ: “Kim isn’t the first person to get divorced and she won’t be the last. She is a strong woman who believes in love. She knows what is best for her and if that includes a long-term relationship and a baby, that is what she will do.”

CBS: We’ve heard you publicly joke that Kim is your favorite child. Is this true? Do you think all parents have a favorite, but most won’t admit it?

KJ: “At one point or another, every one of my kids is sure they have been the favorite. I think it is common in all families. I would say that I love them all the same amount, but I love them differently. They have different needs and personalities, I try to relate to them on their terms.”

CBS: How are you feeling about Scott Disick these days? We know there’s been tension over the years.

KJ: “Scott and Kourtney have been through a lot. They are committed, wonderful parents with a strong relationship. As you know, I let my kids make their own decisions.”

CBS: What’s up next for you and your family?

KJ: “Well, as always, we are all super busy. I am working with Zestra, as you know, a company to help woman feel comfortable talking about female sexual health. Kourt, Kim and Khloe are busy with Sears and a bunch of exciting things. Khloe and Lamar are busy filming. Robert is busy with his projects. Kylie and Kendall are taking the modeling world by storm. Just another day in our lives.”


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  1. Of course she likes Kim best – she’s the moneymaker and that seems to be all this woman sees in her children, their potential to bring in the cash and the fame. I imagine she’s already planning Kourtney’s unborn daughter’s career.

    • You’re right- nothing is sacred to her or her family they think people want to see them naked, on sex tapes etc. Kris should just shut-up! They are all so disgusting!

  2. Clearly being open about sex didn’t mean teaching your children morals. Kim is famous for making a sex tape & Kourtney has 2 children out of wedlock. Kris Jenner would be the LAST person I took parenting advice from.

  3. My sex life is private, and the K clan has no class whatsoever. Kris Jenner is a low-rent opportunist where nothing is sacred. Her and the immoral Hollywood mustang ranch she’s created have set back women’s rights by decades. Jenner is the Devil’s daughter…she sold her soul a long time ago. Bruce needs to take Kendall and Kylie and run. These people along with Jersey Shore and the like are some of the worst role models in history. Ryan Seacrest is void of any integrity or social responsibility. It’s all about the money with no concern about making the world a better place.

  4. Trash sells and they validate themselves by eating at the best restaurants and carrying the most covetable Hermes bags on the market. Chris honestly believes she has the right to preach to women about sexual health when everything she and her daughters do is to the contrary. They use sex for profit. Once Kim is no longer celebrated she will write the book revealing what most suspect that Kris was the mastermind behind the sex tape.

  5. I find Kris very sad. She has a beautiful family, has given birth to six children! She’s blessed to have these children, yet the reality show, the trashiness, the low morals, the greed, all of it is so foul. I’ve only seen clips of their show and was shocked at how disgraceful their conduct is. And she is heading this behavior, condoning it. She’s so misguided.

  6. seriously? women need to be MORE open? kim does sex tapes and we have young women going before Congress bragging about all the sex they are having at college while demanding free birth control, and they need to be MORE open?

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