Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson: Baby Shower Partiers

Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson and their 3-year-old son Bronx got together to attend Jessica Simpson’s baby shower in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (March 18). Pete also brought girlfriend Meagan Camper – whom Ashlee chatted with – to the party.

Also that day the rocker took Bronx and Meagan out shopping at The Grove. Pete purchased a Pirates of the Caribbean Lego toy from Barnes and Noble to take home.

Wentz married Ashlee in 2008. She then filed for divorce in early 2011.

Simpson reportedly stated that “It was honestly a classic case of marrying young, having a kid young and growing apart over the years”.


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  1. That boy needs a little grooming. I’m all for boys wearing any length hair, as long as it is kept neat. Bronx’s hair always looks a little Albert Einstein-ish. Please get the boy a brush, or ponytail holder/headband or haircut ASAP!

  2. This kid is a hot mess. Poor thing doesn’t even realize how ridiculous he looks. If he’s going to school, kids will certainly make fun of him.

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