Ali Landry On Her Famous Friends & Her Cheating Ex

Former Miss USA Ali Landry is just one of the celebrity moms who stars in the “reality talk show” Hollywood Girls Night. The 38-year-old mom-of-two – she has daughter Estela and son Marcelo with her husband Alejandro Monteverde talks to the Huffington Post about some of the show’s biggest shocks – and also dishes on her ex Mario Lopez!

On Hollywood Girls Night:Alison [Sweeney] and I have known each other for about 10 years. We did Celebrity Fear Factor together. We had children around the same time. We were running in the same circles. She was at a party at my home and we said, ‘This is ridiculous. We know so many cool girls in the business and we all see each other at events and say we are going to get together but we never follow through.’ Alison stepped up to the plate. She sent the invite out to some of our girlfriends and we had our first supper club about two years ago. Then Ellen Rakieten, who was an executive producer of Oprah for 20-something years, heard we were doing this and thought it would be great for TV and now here we are.”

On the biggest secret she’s shared on the show: “I told everyone that I did not have sex with my husband until we got married.”

On her 2-week marriage to Mario Lopez:“Look, it was a really tough situation — a really tough time in my life — but I am very proud of the way I handled it. It really changed my life in the most positive way, and that’s so nice to come out of something so terrible and be able to say that. Now I have a wonderful husband and a great family so now I can actually speak about it and not put any blame on the other person, but as someone who went through something terrible and handled it a certain way and I learned from it. I grew…. [At] the end of the day, it’s not about him, you know what I’m saying? He did suck, it still does suck. It hurt a lot and he never apologized. That’s hurtful, when someone you cared about never stepped up to the plate to at least say, ‘I’m so sorry I did that to you.’ But with that said, I had to be even stronger and figure out a way to move forward on my own…. I say it every single day. Like, ‘Thank God I’m not with that person. Thank God!’ I’m grateful that happened, really!”

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  1. Glad she told the truth my suspcious about Mario were confrimed. even thou she did not have the courage to cancell her destination wedding at least she had the courage to leave a doomed relationship.

  2. It’s funny she says she can look back and not place blame, but by the end of the paragraph she was placing blame. lol! And she should! She has every right. I’m not even sure why she would want to not place blame. He did something horrible to her. He should feel ashamed for the rest of his life. And his current wife shouldn’t trust him as far as she can throw him.

  3. Thanks for this interview published and hopefully become impressed through Ali Landry life style. Thanks mate. 🙂

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