Jessica Alba & Her Girls Park It

Actress Jessica Alba, 30, made a stop at the famous playground to the stars today (March 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif. with her two daughters Honor, 3, and Haven, 6 months.

Jessica tended to her youngest while she watched Honor enjoy the play equipment at Coldwater Canyon Park. Although she was busy keeping a close eye on Honor, Jessica stopped for a couple smooches and snuggles with her little Haven. It seems that the star may have been giving the preying paps a message today? She used a very specific finger to push up her shades.

Jessica recently opened up to Parenting magazine about how important family really is.

“The biggest surprise of motherhood is just how secondary everything else is,” the Valentine’s Day star admits. “Before, I was always so focused on my career. Now nothing is more important to me than my kids and their well-being.”

Jessica also commented on her coping strategies with the relentless paparazzi and her eldest daughter.

If Honor’s like, ‘What are they doing?’ I don’t want her to have anxiety. So I’m like, ‘Oh, nothing. They’re just taking pictures. They do that to everyone. Isn’t that silly?’ And then that’s it. It’s a non-issue. Cash and I just ignore them.”

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  1. Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner are the two best celebrity mothers. I think it’s sweet that she gave Haven Jennifer Garner’s last name as a tribute to her close friend. And yes I will say it before anyone else does, Haven is the spitting image of her Danish grandmother.

    • The name Garner is not after Jennifer Garner, but after Cash’s middle name ; and have you ever seen picture of this “Danish grandmother”?

  2. Here goes the most perfect family in the ENTIRE WORLD!! Can we say JEALOUS?????? I mean look up perfect in the dictionary, Jessica would pop up. Perfect: skin, hair, CLOTHES, style, lips, face, body!!!!!!, husband, children, family, home. UGH. i would give a leg to be her……How can one soul be so utterly perfect?

    • Get a life I mean really you need to get some help, you sound like a crazy stalker and Jessica should be very concerned about people like you.

      • Not a crazy stalker. Just a huge fan of her and her family and her work. She is pure perfection and should be studied by science. Those who say no one is perfect? LOOOK AT HER. There it is, folks…..a perfect human being. There is not ONE flaw w/ her. She, herself is perfect. Her family is. Her home is. Her clothes. Her CAR. Her office. Just perfect.
        Don’t be jealous though, people. I’m not. I have just come to the realization that there really is perfection out there. Let’s strive to be like her.

        • When I saw the response to your first comment, my first reaction was to defend you as I assumed you were being sarcastic. Now that I’ve read your second one, I have to agree with the other poster. You need help.

        • Wow are you crazy your not a stalker just a crazy obsessed fan who needs to get a life and realize that no one is perfect I sure Jessica will tell you that also.

          • you people are just jealous….your lives are nothing as perfect as hers…’s quite a shame actually….

  3. Garner is Cash Warren’s middle name. I would imagine that they gave Haven the middle name of Garner as a tribute to her father, rather than Jennifer Garner! Just as Honor’s middle name is Marie, in tribute to her mother, Jessica Marie Alba.

  4. If I hear one more time that Haven is the spiitting image of her Danish grandmother I’m going to Scream. Isabella must be a troll or an obsessed fan. She writes that in every comment section having to do with Jessica Alba.

  5. Jessica is in serious contention with Jennifer Affleck for greatest celeb mom. Jessica is a hands on mom like Jennifer with never a nanny in sight.

    • Why would she take her daughters to a park swarmed by the paps? Really, I don’t see Julia Roberts chased by the paps everyday and she’s WAY, WAY BIGGER star than Alba.

    • Because the pics she tweets are on her terms. Paparazzi pictures are not and the photographers are complete strangers invading on her personal time with her kids.

  6. Jessica tweets cellphone pics of her kids and complains about paparazzi. Sounds at first pretty oppositionairy,but to my mind those are different kind of shoes. With her uploaded pics she wants to share some funny/ cute or whatever moments with her fans, but Paparazzi photos reveal her privacy without asking her.


  8. “Playground to the stars” is so depressing. Those poor kids, being taken along to ‘play’ purely for their celebrity parents to get attention from photographers. There are PLENTY OF PLAYGROUNDS out there if Alba wants privacy to play with her daughter. Who the heck is she trying to KID? What a crock of BS.


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