Teen Mom Cast Set To Film Fourth & Final Season

Love em’ or hate em’, the Teen Mom faces of Maci Bookout, 20, Amber Portwood, 21, and 20-year-old Farrah Abraham will continue to grace our television screens for yet another season.

“They will continue to be a part of our MTV family, and we’re thankful to these brave young women for sharing their stories and helping to make a positive impact on teen pregnancy prevention,” the MTV network tells Us Weekly, confirming that the fourth season of the reality show will also be it’s last.

Although wrapping up the show may be bittersweet, the girls of Teen Mom feel that taking a step out of the limelight is going to be a positive thing.

“They’re relieved,” a source tells Us Weekly. “It helped all of them, being on the show, but they’re all ready to move onto other things without the cameras always around.”

Teen Mom‘s fourth and final season is expected to air later this summer, though no official premiere date has been announced. Teen Mom 2 starring Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, will continue to air on MTV.

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  1. Final season
    thank goodness..does not mean they wont go on to do other reality shows
    a quick google on the internet says the teen moms make around $ 60, 000 per season of their reality show.
    reality shows is a Job and a Career

  2. Why are they allowed to make money off of having babies so young. I swear American media should be ashamed of themselves. Besides them saving taxpayer from having to pay for their welfare checks, how are the helping American society. It is not cute having a baby as a teenager.

    • I agree.
      It makes the high school-age, and younger, girls who watch this show think it’s a glamorous, easy life but these girls are a minute fraction of the pregnant/parenting youth in America and are a gross misrepresentation of how being a young mother really is.
      I find it embarrassing and disheartening that our society celebrates teen pregnancy. These girls’ parents wanted their daughters to pursue their goals but instead they basically settle for raising a family which, while difficult in and of itself, is not as admirable or fulfilling as NOT giving up one’s dreams, persevering through the rough patches in life and becoming the person you WANT to be rather than the person you are forced to become when you choose to become a parent at a young age. And yes, I said CHOOSE because en route to becoming a parent there are many instances that the situation could be avoided (abstinence, contraception, REAL [scientific, medical] sex education, planning your life – including having a personal ideal of when you want and would be ready for children – which I believe for most is probably after they have established themselves in the world and in life, as well as other personal choices).
      Just goes to show where our society is headed, unfortunately.

      • Every single thing you said is true of women who get pregnant when they’re 19, 25, 31, or 40 as well. Why blast the moms who happen to be teens? Who are you to say they won’t become the person they WANT to be? And if you think this show “glamorizes” teen pregnancy, then you and I are not watching the same show.

        You know what the biggest message that can be taken from this show: 90% of teenage boys suck as parents and if you get pregnant, you WILL get left to handle it alone, physically, monetarily, emotionally. You will be deserted by a deadbeat dad 90% of the time.

        THAT by itself is a message that ALL teen girls need to get.

    • Do every show on television have to help American society? Do you boycott Jersey Shore? The Bachelor? Hulk Knows Best? and every other stupid reality show out there?

      • It certainly should not contribute to the regression of society. That would be immoral.
        If you want to watch stupid people be stupid, go bar hopping on any main street in any city. Television is hugely influential and one of the main mediums of communication in the world, so yes to a it should help American society. Shows like Jersey Shore perpetuate stereotypes, The Bachelor encourages misogyny among women – which is damaging to everything women have struggled for over the centuries, and they all convey the message that it’s okay to keep society in one place (or even move backward) rather than progressing it to a better place for EVERYONE.
        Reality shows are not creative, clever, educated writing. They are reconstructions of stupid people making bad decisions and setting bad examples for the younger audiences.

  3. Oh yay!

    Another season of Ryan Yawning, Maci crying, Farrah yelling at her mother, Amber screaming, “Garrrrry! and a bunch of kids trying to talk through their binky’s!

    Actually I admit I do watch i. Quite entertaining.

  4. Female empowerment if they choose to be sexually active take birth control
    This country had a huge hangup about sex. And sexually active people

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