Willow Smith Goes Green

Willow Smith, 11, is still sporting the green locks – which must have come in handy on St. Patty’s Day.

The tween daughter of Will Smith, 43, and Jada Pinkett-Smith, 40, was spotted rocking a head of short green hair on Tuesday (March 20) while out shopping with friends in Calabasas, Calif.

Willow – who is known for her eclectic style and edgy fashion choices – picked-up a green shake from Starbucks before she headed over to the cell phone kiosk at the mall to grab some accessories for her phone. Willow dressed for her day of shopping in a pair of denim, leather-paneled shorts, black nylons and a chunky blue shoes. Her nails were painted green as well.

The Whip My Hair singer – who is signed to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation label – is scheduled to release her first album Knees and Elbows this April.

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  1. Personally I appreciate Willow’s style. She’s always fully covered no matter what! She will be turning 12 this year? Kylie Jenner is 14.. Let’s not talk about the full makeup 6 in heels and short dresses! At least that’s not Willow. She’s young . Her hair isn’t that serious . Well since the sides of her head were shaved. The only logical thing to do is cut it all off so it can grow back evenly . The color is whatever she’s a kid it shouldn’t really matter. She’s her daddy’s twin. Lol but she is going to grow up to be beautiful! Modeling in the future ? I can see it. Willow looks fine and if she likes it that people need to lay off .

    • Really becasue Wiklow was just seen in some 6 in heels walking around NY now all she needs is the makeup and I’m sure in the next month or two she will be wearing that as well.

      • Those were not heels! Maybe you should look closer they were wedges. Those aren’t as bad as what I have seen in young girls around her age ! She’s age appropriate.

        • You should look closer because the were heels it was the same type that GaGa wears I’ve seen thought type of show in person.

          • Sure…. IF she wore them every minute of every day. This kid wore funky shoes ONE DAY and people get themselves worked up over it, as if they truly care about her health and well-being. Bullsh*t, care about your own kid. Willow Smith doesn’t need your sympathy.

  2. Obviously a lot of people on here ARE NOT parents and if you are, I feel sorry for your kids. That’s why this world is all f*cked up because of people like you. No one knows how to parent anymore.

    • What does “parenting” mean to you? Never letting your kids have funky hair color? Never letting them wear weird clothes? Never letting them express themselves through their style, no matter how kooky it might seem at the time?

      Is parenting dressing your daughters in pink, frilly dresses, tights and patent leather shoes all day because some anonymous internet troll thinks THAT’S what parenting is? Pul-leze.

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