Snooki Practices Her Mothering Skills

Is Snooki brushing up on what it takes to raise a baby?

The expectant Jersey Shore alum and her cast mate Jennifer ‘Jwoww’ Farely were spotted out and about with two baby dolls in New Jersey on Thursday (March 22). The girls – who were in the process of filming their reality show – stopped to buy a stroller for one of the babies and then continued on into a children’s clothing store.

The self-professed ‘guidette’ – who compared morning sickness to a hangover – recently enjoyed a Cancun getaway with her Jersey Shore pals and raised some eyebrows when she was photographed sipping on what appeared to be a piña colada.

Snooki’s spokewoman was quick to throw water on the growing fire, responding, “Pregnant women do take vacations, and she’s having fun with her friends soaking up the sun with nonalcoholic drinks.”

What do you think?

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  1. Wow, i feel sorry for the poor baby growing inside her. I’ve never been one to say, that person shouldn’t have children, because everybody has the right to have a baby, but in this case….she shouldn’t. Maybe she should have waited a few years…

    • Why tell us “I’ve never been one to say that person shouldn’t have children”, then tell us “That person shouldn’t have children”?

      Obviously, you ARE exactly that type of person.

      • Maybe Anonymous 4:24 just never saw such a ridiculous person like snooki get pregnant, and I completely agree that she shouldn’t be allowed to take care of a baby- it’s not even that easy to adopt a PET but I guess any crazy person can have a “Pet baby”.

  2. I think it’s great that Snooki is learning how to handle a newborn baby. I know a few first time mothers who practised how to support a newborn’s head with a doll haha

    • O please this has nothing to do with learning how to handle a newborn baby, becasue she could have done that at home this is a photo op this is all for attention and is probably film for her show.

  3. Wow. I carried around dolls pretending house when l was like 6 oh and that dreadful doll assignment in 8th grade but as an adult??? Speechless.

  4. I am sure the show set that up for them to do. Doesn’t make it any less ridiculous, but it probably wasn’t their idea and is only for TV.

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