Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Expecting Baby No. 4!

Less than six months after the arrival of their daughter Hattie, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have more baby news to share: They’re expecting again!

The reality star mom shared the big news on her web site today in a post titled “Baby Makes 6!”

“Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way,” Tori writes. “We feel truly blessed that another angel has found us. Love, Tori xoxo.”

Tori recently told Celebrity Baby Scoop that their family wasn’t complete just yet, saying, “We’d definitely like to try for a fourth. I always wanted a big family and our dreams are coming true. I’d like to wait until Hattie is at least a year until we start trying again. But we’ll see – you just never know.”

Congratulations to them!

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  1. Wow !! she is such a work horse; time to slow down a bit now and just be a Mom…let that hubby bum of yours get out and work. Sorry but he saw $$$$ when he met her. Tori seems great; he just rubs me the wrong way and is way inapropiate on camera; no to cool.

  2. Was not expecting this LOL! I wonder if she figured she might as well do it now, rather than get back to her pre-pregnant size and then get pregnant again…Anyway, congrats to them.

  3. That’s going to be tough, having 4 young children at once. But Tori and Dean are great parents, the family is so cute and loving toward one another. Congrats to the McDermott family!

  4. Wow! They didn’t wait long to get busy, now did they? I’m thinking this is an “oops” baby. That can’t be good for Tori’s body to have back-to-back pregnancies. With that said, congrats to them!

  5. I think it’s selfish not include her husband’s eldest son in the “count”… shouldn’t the title of her post be “Baby makes 7”?

    • I agree 100% I ALWAYS get annoyed when she acts like Jack isn’t part of the family. It’s really mean, in my opinion, and obvious that she doesn’t claim him as her own…I know he has a mother, but if you love Dean so much why wouldn’t you love his son? She never said she doesn’t love Jack, but her actions and messages scream she could careless if he were with them or not.

      • Yeah and yet everyone lashed at Gisele for saying she feels like Tom Brady’s son is hers or something like that. I’m sure that’s what would’ve happened if Tori had said it about Dean’s son (especially considering the circumstances with the ex, not quite the same with Tom Brady’s ex!)

      • I’ve heard Jack’s mother will not allow him to be on the show. In previous seasons they talked about Jack, and he was on the episode where they moved into a new house. Jack was at the pool, you did not see his face but his legs where in a shot. So maybe they are no longer allowed(leagally) to speak about him on the show. Just a thought .

      • Maybe she is respecting Jack’s privacy. Maybe it is part of a custody agreement not to include him in the show. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. She seems very caring to me.

      • Maybe she is respecting Jack’s privacy. Maybe it is part of a custody agreement not to include him in the show. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. She seems very caring to me.

    • There aren’t 7 in their “household” and Tori Spelling does not have 4 children, she has 3 (going on 4). There’s nothing wrong with her saying 6.

      Whether or not his son is included, loved and made part of the family does not depend on how many heads they count at bedtime.

      • They may not be 7 every night but when you get married you become one so she should see him as an integral part of HER family. I would have thought this statement of hers would upset Dean. Congrats to them on THEIR 4th child but the 5th child in the family.

        • She can’t win either way. She says 6 and people are judging her and claiming she has no use for his son. If she says 7, people would judge her and say that’s not her son (ala Gisele).

          There’s no winning with the internet hags.

          • Wow that’s really mature and intelligent to call someone a hag simply because we are not worshiping the ground celebrities walk on. It says a lot about your viewpoint that you can’t defend it without calling other people hags, and none of it is good.

            And did it every occur to you that the people who had a problem with Gisele might be different people from the ones who are posting in this thread. We are not all one person here in the comments sections. I think Tori should include Jack in the count AND I defended Gisele when certain people insulted her for how she talks about her stepson.

          • Sure, they could be different people, but so what? Either way, there are people who would rags on these people. Sorry, but the women who judge everything a stranger says and does ARE internet hags.

          • You’re contradicting yourself. You’re acknowledging that they might not be the same people, and then going on an assuming that those of us who have a problem with Jack not being included have a problem with EVERYTHING celebrities do. Logic fail.

      • She could have avoided any controversy by not saying ‘and baby makes six’. There was no reason to say that at all. She’s so self involved.

  6. Holy baby factory batman! Has her uterus had a break in the last 5 years? Congrats anyways, she seems really happy and to have found her place in life.

  7. Congratuations to them. I actually think it is kind of cool. Liam and Stella are 1 year apart and now Hattie and this baby will be 1 year apart.

  8. She has had c-sections with all of her kids, right? She sure didn’t give her body much of a chance to recover! That can’t be too good for you, especially because she is almost 40…wow, wish her well though!

  9. When you are well off like they are you have other people do the work –
    laundry, cooking, cleaning and child rearing.

  10. Cant anyone just believe that they are actually in love instead of ASSuming that they are having babies to “stay together!” Ugh as much as I hate cheaters and yes they both were cheaters I have come to see that sometimes love takes you in another direction and you have the right to fall in love and be with someone else. I don’t condone cheating but I do believe people make mistakes and live and learn from them.
    I have seen their show, read her books, and it’s clear to me that they are in love. I didn’t expect another baby so soon but I think it’s great!
    And yes they do seem to mention their kids and leave Jack out of the loop alot but it is an agreement that Dean and ex Mary Jo have that he really isn’t allowed to speak about Jack in public that’s why Tori doesn’t mention him often in their family equation.

  11. wow surprising news.. I guess she wants to hurry with the babies before she’s 40? Anyway, congrats to the couple.

  12. Well that was quick. Seems like Hattie was only born 5 minutes ago, lol.
    Also I think Dean’s older son needs to be included in that number, it should be ‘Baby makes 7’. I feel sorry for the kid.

  13. Wow…congrats to them. I don’t know how her c-sect scar will hold up though with this pregnancy, only 16 months between the two youngest?

  14. If anybody has looked at her website to me her belly looks like she is gonna have the baby in August or September this baby is gonna be here before Hattie turns one.

  15. If she had c-sections isn’t that dangerous to have another baby so soon?
    Has her scar completely healed yet? I thought you were suppose to wait longer.

    • Yeah, I’ve got to agree, I hope this is safe. If she’s announcing, I’m assuming she’s (at least) three months, which means she got pregnant when the baby was only 2 months old.

      Is it safe to have another baby so soon after your third c-section?

      • It is not too soon as long as she is not having a vback which she is not. It takes six weeks to heal. If there is any chance of something going wrong
        we will see Tori being rushed to the hospital and you can tell me I am wrong. I had three abdominal surgeries. All three were a tad more invasive than a
        C-section. I was healed in six weeks.

  16. why cant people just be happy for them? a baby is a blessing no matter what the circumstances are, i say congrats to them! they are great attentive parents and their three current children together are all beautiful.
    and with the “baby makes 6 or 7” they are not allowed to mention jack on the show, in previous seasons his face was blurred out because his mother does not want him to be on the show and in season 6 did anybody notice in the first episode the tote bag tori was carrying saying “dean&tori&jack&liam&stella” ? because i did, it it obvious he is included in their personal life, away from the cameras of their reality show.

    • Your point makes no sense. Whether Jack is including in the reality show has nothing to do with whether or not Tori can include him in the count when talking about the family members.

      • But it would give the bitter (and rightfully so) ex a reason to get upset about Tori treating Jack as her own kid.. why open that can of worms? It’s just an announcement to the public.. I’m sure the kid doesn’t feel left out or unloved by his step mother. I don’t watch their show, but I did get a peak one episode and I remember seeing a picture of him on their wall in the living room, blurred out.. obviously leaving him out of public statements is all about the ex.

        • There are sensitive ways of handling that. She could have simply said, “Another McDermott is on the way.” She didn’t have to say “And baby makes 6” and make it obvious that Jack was not included.

          • I agree…. Seems cruel and insensitive of her to say and baby makes 6!

            Frankly, I am not surprised….. She is wealthy, she can afford child care assistance, housekeeping, cooking etc. She will probably have the baby and hire a special baby nurse.

            All she has to do is get pregant (apparantly so easy for her) and deliver…. The rest is taken care of for her. (and, yes, I have had c-sections, so hard when you can’t reallly afford any sort of help afterwards) Will she stop NOW??? lol

      • Her blog is a public forum so it would be understanable if his mother also did not want him mentioned on there, but then again maybe his mother does not want tori mentioning him at all but also we can not assume these things because we do not know their ‘step-family’ circumstances

  17. I bet she was breastfeeding and did not think she get pregnant so SOON
    congrats she is richer than rich and he likes being a house daddy

  18. WOw! That article not too long ago on here had Tori saying that with Liam and Stella so close together, she wanted to wait a little while before they tried for another one after Hattie. I guess not, or maybe this one was a surprise like Stella. Who would have thought they would have this many so quickly, after struggling to get pregnant with Liam.
    People should lay off the judging in regards to Tori not mentioning Jack in her news. He is not Tori’s child, he doesn’t not live with them full time, his mother does not like when he is mentioned or pictured in public forums, but the biggest reason for not judging is that WE DON’T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. So lets just be happy for the new baby! The picture posted on Tori’s webpage makes it seem like she is fairly far along in this new pregnancy (the bump was pretty pronounced). I’m guessing that it’s the current pregnancy bc all of the kids hands are on the belly, including what looks like a sweet chubby baby hand (hattie).

  19. TOO soon!! jeez she only has a 5 month old and if shes showing already,what happened to going on the pill after giving birth letting your body heal for a while!

  20. Hmm… I’m not sure why people like to assume that this baby must have been an accident. Maybe, Tori & Dean chose to have another baby so soon. Is that thought so awful??? I have a three old, 9 month twins and just went off birth control so we can start working in our four. My husband and I love the idea of our babies close in age and growing up together. Yes, I’m extremely busy but I think I am doing an excellent time with my kids and can manage more. Shouldn’t it be each family’s choice to decide what’s right for them??

    • People assume it was an accident because Tori said in interviews just a few weeks ago that she wanted to wait until Hattie was a year old before trying again.

  21. Eh, she’s not the first woman to find out at her 6 or 8 week post-partum check-up that she’s pregnant again… Congrats & good luck to them!

  22. Well, i have 3 and a half yr old and a 4 and a half month old and couldnt even imagine being pregnant again now – yikes, good luck to them. I agree that she should give her body a bit of a break…. I guess they can afford another baby so there are no issues there! . And seriously, adding another baby to the mix is stressful to a marriage at times, not more likely to “tie a guy down” more into a marriage – in my opinion.

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