January Jones: I Eat My Placenta

January Jones has revealed she’s been eating her placenta. The Mad Men star – who gave birth to Xander last September – says it’s something she recommends.

She says, “I have a great doula who makes sure I’m eating well, with vitamins and teas, and with placenta capsulation. Your placenta gets dehydrated and made into vitamins. It’s something I was very hesitant about, but we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas.”

The 34-year-old actress adds, “It’s not witch-crafty or anything! I suggest it to all moms!”

January is also grateful that she gets to have her son close to her on the set everyday.

I think I went back to set six or seven weeks after, so he was really little. I had the baby and the baby nurse in their own room so I could go back and feed him every two hours. If I felt like he needed me, or if he needed to eat, or even if I just needed a squeeze because I was having separation issues, I would go back and see him. It was such a blessing that I wasn’t separated from him.”


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  1. Sounds kind of made up. But if it’s normal, healthy, AND in capsules, it seems not that bad. Just not common, so people will probably think it’s weird.

  2. Yes but other mammals also eat each others corpses if they are dead and some will eat or attack their own newborns if they don’t smell like them. We aren’t animals. Not saying I don’t agree, I just think her justification of the mammals is wrong. I accept that prob super high in vitamins although I couldn’t do it myself. Fair that she’s doing it, but that sort of thing is personal.

    • actually we DO eat other animals corpses! ummm do you eat meat? cows,chickens,pigs,etc yeah they DIED before they got to your table…we also consume other animals milk….her justification may be alittle weird but humans are still animals and mammals and we do tons of things that are similar

  3. Nasty and stupid. If she passed a kidney stone, would she eat that too?
    How about a bowel movement? Mammals eat poop all the time!!

  4. It’s very healthy to eat your placenta, I would do it if I had the money to get it made into capsules. I wouldn’t be able to cook it & eat it like some people do though. That’s just too much for me personally.

  5. its suppose to help with post partum depression
    it interesting to me to see how Little women know about their OWN BODIES and the way it works
    menstrution, Birth control–your fertile period, pregnancy, childbirth, female hormones, menopause

    • I’m sorry, How is this comment relevant? I know my own body very well and don’t understand your point. Are you saying January had depression and therefore needed to digest placental nutrients?!

      • I’m sure the commenter meant that as one of the things eating your placenta is good for. And you might know your body but I’m sure that without googling it you wouldn’t know why or what having our period, childbirth, etc… does to your body. I don’t see why the person’s comment has outraged you so much or how it’s irrelevant. But it seems like a trend in this blog and everywhere else, that ignorant people get outraged and criticize what they know nothing of or don’t understand or find odd. To each their own.

  6. I thought it was disgusting visualizing a knife and fork until she said she had it dried and made into capsules. That is different all right and I’ve never heard of it, but hey – why not.

  7. Wonder where the research is that states there are no known benefits?

    It’s very real and not strange or weird.

    Check out placenta benefits info.

  8. Yeah the capsules thing is not so bad but like has been said already, we are not all privileged enough to do that which only leaves the knife and fork or smoothie option….no thanks!

  9. So really ‘I eat my placenta’ is a lie then?! She should have said ‘I digest my placentas nutrients in dry powder capsules’ !!

  10. ROFL!!! I can’t get past the title without laughing my ass off! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Every time i read it…i start up again!!!!!!

  11. Placenta encapsulation is proven to help with post partum depression, increase milk flow, etc. I had my placenta encapsulated and, 8 mos after my birth, I will still take a vitamin of my dehydrated placenta when I am feeling low or need a boost in my milk supply. I never had to do anything with my placenta, my doula did all the gory work! It truly is a wonderful thing!

  12. Animals eat their placenta to get rid of evidence of their newborns so they don’t attract predators. They also lick their babies clean. Should humans do that as well?

  13. Most people would rather ingest man-made chemicals and medicines over something their own body made. The science behind placenta encapsulation (or just ingesting the placenta) makes rock-solid sense and has been practiced in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Sadly, most people won’t take the time to learn more about this because it’s gasp! too weird. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be surrounded by such close-mindedness.

  14. placenta smoothies are the cool thing to do lol. Take a look at this, it will make you laugh or go ick:

    go to homebirthgosling. tumblr. com/page/3

    scroll down to the 6th picture. sorry you’ll have to type it in with no spaces. the website wouldn’t let me post the link.

  15. I plan on having my midwife make my placenta into capsules when I give birth. Luckily we were able to do a work trade with her to make it affordable. Your placenta carries lots of hormones, iron and nutrients that are lost when you give birth. No, it’s not necessary for every woman, but I have a family history of depression and will do everything I can to ease this transition. I feel it can only help!

  16. nothing weird about it..i know tons of people who have had their placentas dryed and made into capsules and took them..your placenta has TONS of vitamins and nutrients which help with everything you lose after giving birth..i also know some people who(to me is gross) will grill the placenta and eat it..nope not for me….. most women who eat(or take) their placenta have midwives and doulas and opt for a natural birth…if you have a Doctor or obgyn then your most likely not going to get this as a option.

  17. I had my placenta encapsulated!! Very common!!

    I think formula feeding, disposable diapers & piercing your infant’s ears are disgusting.

  18. For one to the smart ass who probably isn’t a female it’s not disgusting it’s just not YOUR thing why do people say this that and the third ares nasty how do you know it’s nasty have you tried it and animals are innocent creatures ok everything they do is exactly how God designed them we can learn from them and animals dont only eat placenta to hide their babies they also do it to get extra much needed nutrients and that also helps them to identify if their babies have any defects do before you even try to compare humans to animals in all actuality from a religious stand point they’re better than us they do whatG God had made them to do but what do we do

  19. I think everyone should be able to choose what to do after they give birth and not force their way of thinking on everybody. In other countries it is commonplace to boil the placenta and eat it, that doesn’t mean it is “weird”. Some countries look at us like we are weird because we have different beliefs. I personally would not do it just because I don’t see the point of it, but I would never chastise someone for deciding to do so. Haven’t the “mommy wars” gotten a little bit tedious by now? Sheesh!

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