David Boreanz & Family: Malibu Shoppers

David Boreanaz and his wife Jaime Bergman took their children Jaden, 9, and Bella, 2, out shopping in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (March 24).

In a store Jaden was seen sitting patiently for his dad – who looked like he was making a purchase.

Meanwhile the Bones star recently Tweeted about the show’s season finale.

He wrote: “With the Season finale upon us, I wonder how the Bones family will adapt? Big things to happen and many lasting images, as the end draws…”

Stephen Nathan – the executive producer – talked about how the show will change now that David’s character Booth will become a dad.

He said, “We’re not gonna do Parenthood. There’s still going to be someone dead and something revolting… but this baby informs their lives in a completely different way. The show takes a very different turn from a character point of view.”

The actor can probably take examples from his real life to the series. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year he said, “It’s amazing…The moments that you have with each [child] just define certain chapters in their lives.”

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  1. Yes Brennen gives birth in a unusual place and Boreanz has to help her!
    What you did not say is that Next Monday April 2 is the season Premiere!

  2. Yes I am surprised she stayed with him too. But I don’t think she works and she wants the fancy rich lifestyle. Its amazing how much one will put up with for money. Anyway she never lets him out of her sights anymore. Anytime you see him you see her not far behind. It must be tiring babysitting him all the time. She has three kids to worry about. Good luck to them…as I keep waiting to read she’s done and divorcing him.

    • Get a life. Easy to past judgement behind your anonymous face. U don’t know them and you don’t know their lives. You are a sad person looking for sympathay and someone to bash. Get a life. Yours is obviously misserable. Good for them to work things out!

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