Alicia Silverstone Feeds Bear Blu From Her Mouth

Alicia Silverstone does it like a mama bird! The actress posted a video of herself feeding 10-month-old Bear Blu on her blog The Kind Life.

She writes: “I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum! I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite…and mine.”

He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating. This video was taken about a month or 2 ago when he was a bit wobbly. Now he is grabbing my mouth to get the food!

Alicia, 35, promotes a healthy, vegan lifestyle of living. She and her husband Christopher Jarecki live in Los Angeles in a home with solar panels and an organic vegetable garden. Her bestselling book The Kind Diet was released in 2009.

In a recent interview with, Alicia revealed what items can always be found in her refrigerator.

She said, “Vegenaise, Earth Balance “butter,” and umeboshi plum vinegar—yum! We also eat a lot of flaxseed oil and kale.”


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  1. omg as a vegetarian i must say she might be going a bit too far! feeding him like a bird is this s joke? im all about healthy eating but a young boy needs protein too! sorry shes a little too pretentious for me. beautiful kid though

  2. This made me feel ill…SO gross! What is wrong with pureeing the food and feeding your baby that way? I don’t get what the benefits could be.

  3. I just had a delicious breakfast and my son had his with saliva!

    ewww! That’s why blenders were invented so mothers no longer had to do this for thier kids!

    • I’m a kid of the Fifties,I know they didn’t have Blenders then, and i don’t think this was a Common Thing. back then, they did have Baby Food in the Stores. So, Blenders had Nothing to with it. They did have Mixers.

  4. This makes me feel uncomfortable. What will happen when he is 5, or even 10? She’s conditioning him to do this and it won’t alway be possible. Will he attack his daycare worker or teacher’s mouth?

    • Probably No Difference between this and Breast Feeding—I mean, he’ll be Weaned, Hopefully. I don’t hear of Kids attacking their teacher’s Breasts. I do think this way of Feeding is Disgusting, but saying they might attack their teacher’s Mouths—No difference from Breast feeding

  5. She could give him a cold, or flu or something she might have but doesn’t know about yet that she caught or could catch in the future.

  6. This is truly repulsive… Being a vegan is 1 thing but transmitting food (and germs) in a baby’s mouth is disgusting… A baby who is most likely still developing and susceptible to germs etc…. What a freak of nature

  7. Her mouth is full of bacteria. I gues shes too damn lazy to use a processor and put dishes in a dishwasher. What’s next? swallowing the leftovers and regurtitating to feed the baby later?

  8. Its simple she wants to be a bird.

    But rally no words, she can make homemade organic food for him with a food processor. Could you image what this how this kids going to feel about this video when he gets older.

  9. what would happen if she came down with a stomach virus or the flu and didn’t realize she was getting sick while chewing up the food and spitting it in her child’s mouth.

  10. This is WAY worse than drying and eating your placenta. There are actual health benefits to placenta pills…this just serves no purpose.

  11. I don’t see the big deal. Saying she’s conditioning him to do this forever is kind of stupid, with that reasoning he’d always breastfeed or drink from a bottle. From the beginning of time parents have done things that are seemingly “gross”, the idea that she’d off gp give him some disease is silly. We wouldn’t be alive if it were that simple. If she’s comfortable with it, to each their own. I know someone who did this when the kid was an infant, just for a few months then never again, the kid doesn’t even remember.

  12. You people are absolutely over the top… its not gross at all, and it’s not at all like you are spitting into their mouth for petes sake. I have 5 children 3 of them practically grown, i did it.. they are fine, strong, healthy individuals, they werent scarred or sickly, and i never gave them the flu or any thing else. my children would never eat babyfood, and some food they cant really chew up so well, so you chew it up enough for it to be mush and give it to them, you dont chew til theirs no flavor.. just enough to where they can do the rest… Jeeze… its not gross and there is nothing wrong with it and blenders dont always work that well… i think you are all being over the top about judging her for it. he’s still small and still learning to chew and probably doesnt even have all his teeth… I think as long as he’s healthy he’s fed and full thats all that matters and any good mother would do the same if they had to whether others like it or not!

    • So if I follow youm it’s safe to put a baby in the passenger seat without a car seat because “I did it and nothing happened to my nbaby. SO it’s safe”… No it’s not. And feeding your baby with things you chew is not without risks.

      Maybe if they can’t chew something, they are not ready for it, so don’t give it to them…

      • Exactly!

        Just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it will be safe for someone else. There was a girl in my highschool that SMOKED while pregnant, and her baby turned out fine. Does that mean everyone should start smoking while pregnant? NO.

        • take my word for it, it didn’t HELP her Baby. Smoking isn’t Good for Babies, Maybe he’d be Even Better if she swouldn’t have Smoked.

  13. I wouldn’t do this with my kids but honestly don’t know why people care so much. It’s not all that different to kissing him- if she’s going to pass on a cold to Bear it’s almost definitely going to be transmitted through other interactions anyway. It’s her kid, she can feed him how he wants. At least he’s eating nutritious food! I’d take mouth to mouth miso over hand to mouth fast food for my children any day.

  14. Poor little boy… One day he’s going to find out this is not normal at all and his mum lost her mind!
    People like her makes all the other vegetarian’s look bad, so thanks Alicia!

  15. thats the most disgusting thing ever seen. I mean how cannot she think that its disgusting?? First of all it isnt hygienic, it isnt the right way to feed a baby, and its disgusting (I cant stop saying that word!)

  16. I’m all for the vegan diet because I hate that animals die for our food, but to act like an animal as you feed your child? Feeding your baby from your mouth to his, that just seems really gross to me.
    I hate it when I see moms holding their baby’s pacifier in their mouth, let alone spitting their food into their baby’s mouth!
    Each to their own though, if that’s how she wants to feed her child who am I to criticize?

    • You are actually wrong. Well water has been proven to lessen cavities because the bacteria eat the plaque on your teeth. It would apply here too.

      • No, she’s actually not wrong. You should read the book “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye” (a stupid title, because the woman isn’t actually suggest you avoid the dentist) and do a little research.

  17. She seriously gives vegetarians and vegans a bad reputation. We’re not all mad! She could be carrying all sorts of nasty germs and she’s just handing it to him. Ugh.

  18. Yeah, it’s gross, but the kid isn’t bothered by it, and he’s not sick in any way, so whatever. Now it might get weird if he’s 5 and still doing this. Yikes.

    • Why would he be Bothered by it? When you think about it, he’s a Baby, it’s probably all he’s ever known, so he probably Wouldn’t be Bothered by it.

  19. This is has nothing to do with being a vegan, I’m a vegan and me and my friends that are also vegans would never do this we make home made organic baby food using a food processor.

  20. You people are overreacting (as usual on this site full of desperate housewives) and this is likely something I would NOT do for my daughter but I’m interested to know WHY she does this. Is there some sort of reason? I wish she would have said so and explained it. Clearly she’s a great mother so why attack her? It’s not like she’s doing the Britney Spears and driving with him in her lap!

    • ” Clearly she’s a great mother ”

      How do you know she a great mother? I ‘m not saying she a bad one because really I can say ether way for sure so how can you.

  21. I agree. The weirdest thing about this is filming it and putting it on the internet.
    What are Bear’s jr. high friends going to say to him when they discover this 12 years from now?
    I used to like Alicia, now, not so much.

    • Hopely they won’t be HIGH friends? HA HA Unless they are Drug Addicts, i know you mean High School Friends—Hopefully, he won’t have any High Friends

  22. Premastication on wikipedia – read about it a little.

    While in modern society, a lot of your reactions are understandable, there is a history to this and isn’t so bizarre, really… just bizarre in modern Western terms.

    But it doesn’t mean it’s BAD. I didn’t feed my son this way (we did baby led weaning, i.e. skipped pureed foods) but this doesn’t bother me when put into a historical context.

      • yes, people have lewarned that a lot of Stuff may be Historical, isn’t always right. Like, years back, peopkle after Surgery would REST in Bed literally for DAYS—Causing Blood Clots, pneunonia. Yes, peopkle in the past weren’r right. They didn’t know better. So, if people did this in the past—Not sure how long ago, GERMS weren’r heard of–Can’t remember how longb ago that people found out that bacteria caused a lot of problems.

  23. It’s so sad that just about anyone can mould a child’s mind. So what if Bear were to “attack” a random ’cause they’re eating? This is Alicia choice, OBVIOUSLY, but it’s still VERY, VERY ODD… we’re not birds. Where does it ever mention that the people from way back in the day ever did this? She needs help. Where’s the Dad and is he practising this strange behaviour, too?

  24. Well, it’s actually great for his immune system and and also helps digestion (a blender makes food smoother but it doesn’t break it down the same way adult saliva can). It might surprise some but it has the same advantages of breastfeeding. And it’s not any worse to kissing your kid on the mouth.
    Some comments here are unnecessarily harsh and ignorant.
    I don’t do either (mouth kissing or mouth feeding) but I think it’s great that Alicia has put it out there. Hopefully this will kick start some debate of this issue.

    • Doesn’t he have his OWN SALIVA? Does he need Her’s? Maybe TOO MUCH saliva could be a problem? There is such a thing as Too much of a Good Thing—Again, he has his OWN Saliva

  25. Same advantages as breastfeeding. Not worse to kissing your kid on the mouth. I don’t do either but I think it’s great that Alicia has put it out there.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some people are being unnecessarily harsh and ignorant (sadly, not surprising).

  26. To each their own, but ewww, yuck. My opinion is that if this is what nature intended, then we’d be birds 🙂

  27. Obviously a controversial feeding method, but Alicia had to know this was rather unconventional before she posted the video. It has definitely gotten people talking. I find it gross, but definitely not deserving of some of the hateful comments. You can still be a fan of Alicia’s & just not like the way she choose to fed her son.

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