Melanie Brown & Family: Sydney Strollers

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and her hubby Stephen Belafonte took turns wearing their adorable 6-month-old daughter Madison as they ventured out for a stroll in Sydney, Australia on Monday (March 26).

Mel – who is also mother to daughter Phoenix, 13 and Angel, 4 – dressed casually in a pair of tight black leggings teamed with a layered purple and white top. Stephen sported athletic pants and a tee for their venture around the district of Vaucluse.

Rumor has it that Stephen is not only cracking jokes about his wife’s weight but the 36-year-old reportedly has a “dark side.”

Now magazine reports that inside sources have come forward with allegations that Stephen has secretly been chipping away at Mel’s confidence throughout their five-year marriage.

“Stephen has a dark side,” the source adds. “Mel’s family feel he controls her every move, but she totally shuts them down when they try to reach out to her. When she was pregnant with Madison, Stephen would make mean jibes about her weight. He’d say she was ‘packing it on’ and would refer to her as ‘bubble butt.’”

The sources also reveal that Stephen does his best to isolate Mel from friends and family.

“Put it this way,” the source says. “Mel lived near Victoria Beckham in LA but you never saw them together. There’s a reason for that.”

Another source who spent time with the couple when they lived in Los Angeles warns that Mel needs to be careful.

“Stephen’s very sure of himself. He’s arrogant and intimidating to women,” she says.
‘The first time I met him he got really close to my face and said, ‘Are you coming on to me? You like a bit of mixed [race], don’t you?’”

“He uses his bigger size to intimidate people,” she adds. “I wouldn’t trust him if I was her.”


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  1. CBS why are you posting tabloid stuff here? That are mostly untrue and if these so called “source” cared about Mel they wouldn’t be selling her privet life out for a quick buck but trying to get her and the kids the help they need.

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