Christie Brinkley: “I Just Want Peace For My Family!”

Model mama Christie Brinkley appeared on the Today Show yesterday (March 27) and began by discussing her role in the upcoming Chicago musical but the conversation took a turn for the worst when host Matt Lauer began to ask questions about the 58-year-old’s ongoing child support war with and divorce from ex-husband Peter Cook, causing her to have a tearful breakdown.

Christie – who is mother to Alexa Ray, Jack and Sailor – disclosed that her ex is “late paying his child support which is very minimal… he pays $600 a month per child and that’s it. It’s a very minimal amount of money.”

When asked “what impact is this having on the children,” Christie was quick to respond.

“My son doesn’t want to go there anymore so my son has been with me for the past seven months.”

Christie further states the it is her ex’s reported mental issues that are to blame.

I think that we need to have legislation that protects a family from a spouse that has been diagnosed by a court appointed forensic psychologist as a bonafide malignant or extreme narcissist. This is a personality disorder!”

Matt asks her “How can the two of you make it better for the children” to which Christie claims her only answer is that she and Peter have absolutely no contact. Her statement is followed by a tearful breakdown as she says, “I just want peace! I just want peace for my family. And every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything, he has to try to destroy it.”

In response, Peter Cook has issued a statement about his ex-wife’s “”cunning and shameless display in what [he] can only imagine was an attempt to garner public sympathy by dishonest means.”

Christie was entirely dishonest about the circumstances surrounding the current court action which was precipitated by her and … is doing further damage to our children … I am also shocked by the blatant lies she told regarding our divorce proceedings of four years ago, including denying the indisputable fact that she fought for an open courtroom despite the warnings it would harm our children.”

“[She] does not want peace, she wants attention,” he adds.


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  1. I’m shaking my head here. Why did she feel the need to talk about this at all? Isn’t it bad enough that he can’t shut up?

  2. i wish she had not had surgery – should have left her face alone and aged naturally. she now looks fake and plastic.

  3. I saw the interview. She was railroaded by Matt when she was trying to discuss Chicago. If i was her i wouldn’t do another Today Show interview.

  4. Matt Lauer is a interview bully. Celebrities should stay clear of him if they have any sensitive issues that are recent. They may be railroaded into unwittingly revealing more than they wanted to, and regret it later. I don’t know what Peter Cook has to complain about. His child support is minimum. How would he like to be paying $50 K a month?

  5. Our current blood thirst is disgusting. I understand that she must be raw from this kind of terrorism and finally felt the need to address his relentless attempts to humiliate her too – don’t forget the shamelss acts this guy admitted to doing. Unfortunately many of us did not actually listen to what she said and lumped her in with his toxic waste. She is human and I thought quite courageous and I am praying that she is allowed the peace she and her kids have long deserved.

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