Scott Baio Lands Nickelodeon Show

It’s been nearly two decades since actor Scott Baio livened up the prime time line-up with with his sitcom Charles in Charge but the 51-year-old star is about to return to series television with Nick at Nite’s new show Daddy’s Home.

According to, Scott – who is perhaps best remembered as his character Chachi Arcola on Happy Days – will be portraying an actor who has to put his career on hold to be a stay-at-home dad in order to honor a promise he made to his wife so she can return to her career as a soap star.

“Scott not only brings his star power to this role, but a real authenticity as an actor-turned-dad,” Nickelodeon president Marjoie Cohn says. “Daddy’s Home is a classic, multi-camera sitcom with a contemporary twist that our Nick at Nite family audience is sure to enjoy.”

It seems Scott is very excited about his upcoming project. The actor took to Twitter yesterday and wrote,

“Thanks so much for your support & well wishes. I am truly thankful & blessed to be a part of the #nickelodeon family.”

Filming is set to begin later this year.

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  1. Until he made that awful reality show, I suppose he would have been remembered by Happy Days and Charles in Charge. However, the disgusting way he behaved on the show ruined him for me, forever. He’s just gross.

  2. Janna, Did it ever occur to you, that Scott & I were married long BEFORE the reality show, and before I had Bailey? Did it also occur to you that MOST reality shows are “story boarded”? My husband wanted to have a TV show that “allowed people to step inside to see what MOST men think & feel when they learn they’re about to because a father”. I hope this may clear up some of your misconceptions about Scott. Take Care.

    • You were married long before the show???? According to Wikipedia & IMDB, the show premiered July 2007, the baby was born November 2007 and the marriage took place December 2007.

  3. Renee, why would it occur to someone that you were married before the show was made? Why would Janna be expected to know that? We aren’t privy to your private life, except for the stuff you decide to put out there as “REALITY”. I’m always amused by celebrities who appear on these reality shows, then get upset when people actually believe the things they see. Your husband’s show wasn’t marketed as a show that “allowed people to step inside to see what MOST men think & feel when they learn they’re about to because a father”. It was marketed as Scott’s journey, and he was playing himself. You can’t expect viewers to know which parts of it were true and which weren’t. That being said, I watched the show and didn’t see Scott as “gross’. Besides, he’s since shown himself to be a proud and doting father and I’m assuming a loving husband or you wouldn’t be so quick to come here and defend him. Congrats on the Nickelodeon show, looking forward to it.

  4. The tv wedding took place December of 2007. Scott and I were already married. Again, let’s not believe everything you see on reality tv. I will say this again. Reality television is story boarded. Wikipedia gets tons of facts, truths, and dates wrong. Just last year we finally got them to correct Scott’s birth year to 1960 as they (& IMDB) had it wrong (1961). Wikipedia also had Scott listed as the anti Christ,because some hate filled person thought it would be fun to list that about my husband. I suppose people would believe that to be the truth “because it was
    on wikipedia”?? I am not being disrespectful of anyone commenting. I am just sharing information about how reality programs work.

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