Elizabeth Banks Thanks Birth Control Pills For Son

The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks writes in her blog for iVillage about having her son Felix (who turns 1 on March 30) via surrogate mother, and why she credits birth control pills for helping bring him into the world.

“Just over a year ago, my son Felix was born via gestational surrogacy,” Elizabeth writes. “He came out of me nine months early and because of my broken belly, his babycake was baked in a wonderful angel’s oven and now — I can’t believe it — he’s a year old and walking. He has expanded my capacity for joy a thousand-fold.”

The 30 Rock star continues by thanking birth control pills for his existence.

His life would have been much harder to come by if not for the birth control pill. How’s that, you ask? Well, it’s a simple fact: The pill is used for many situations that have nothing to do with the prevention of pregnancy,” she says. “The pill was prescribed to me when hormonally induced migraines kept me locked up in dark rooms for days at a time. It was prescribed to me to regulate insanely painful cramps every month — cramps so painful that I often vomited. And here’s a little secret I am happy to blow the lid off of: The pill is often prescribed during the IVF (in vitro fertilization) process to help MAKE BABIES! That’s right, women dealing with infertility are often put on the pill to help regulate a cycle so that they might have a more successful IVF. The pill is used to manage ovarian cysts, endometriosis and other conditions too. Not to mention, it helps couples plan for wanted children.”

She adds: “Obviously, I’m not a doctor. I’m just a woman grateful for my necessary and very helpful medication. And I’m sure glad I don’t have to discuss any of these conditions, including infertility, with my employer.”

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  1. His birthday isn’t the 30th. I’m pretty sure he is already one. I think she was on Ellen on the 21st and was talking about he just turned one and they had a party for him.

  2. Good for her! She sounds so happy, and grateful to have been as blessed as she has been. She’s probably a great Mom!

  3. So what happens to the children born on the pill that was meant to be prevented from being born…… Are they still seen as “wanted” children?

  4. So what happens to the children born on the pill that was meant to be prevented from being born…… Are they still seen as “wanted” children?

    • You say children *born* from the pill having failed, so yes if they were born then obviously they are wanted by somebody whether it be the bio parents or some adoptive parents. They may not have been planned for but certainly wanted.

  5. Are you the freedom of speech fairy on this site? (moderator) I sure hope you don’t have any sponsors that pay you for each click. Because you just lost 1000 of mine. I will never visit this sight again. You let disgusting comments fly by about certain individuals and yet this is the second time you won’t allow me to comment on a simple observation. How biase biase you you??

    • It takes a while for the posts to show up sometimes. Chill out. And if you wrote the previous post, you’re an idiot.

    • It takes a while for the posts to show up sometimes. Chill out. And if you wrote the previous post, you’re an idiot.

    • Hey idiot, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a delay in posting the comments. No one’s comments post immediately and it has nothing to do with you say.

      In any case, don’t worry, no one will miss you.

    • Dont worry he wouldnt post mine either dont know what was so offensive about it just my opinion which is what I thought the comments section was about.

  6. I don’t understand mrs banks!?
    What she means?
    Is it sort of irony ( becouse of using pill since forever, and for all the reasons she couldnt get pregnant and needed to turn to Surrogacy to have this sweet baby boy)??? Or what she means?

    • She can GET pregnant, she just can’t STAY pregnant. Hence, the use of a gestational surrogate. Felix came from her egg.

        • The Pill regulates a woman’s cycle. I would guess that the doctors that prescribe it for IVF use this regulation to allow them to know when the best time for egg retrieval will be. It ups the chances for success.

        • If you go back and read the article, it explains. She used birth control for other medical conditions. And the surrogate used birth control to regulate her cycles, because the cycles need to be regulated before the embryo can be implanted.

    • She is talking about all the benefits of “the pill” by which she means hormonal medication, which include not just pregnancy prevention, but also treatment for many medical conditions, and also for IVF procedures that help people get pregnant. I assume the reason she is bringing this up now is because of all the recent controversy here in the US (I assume you do not live here) about the new health care law requiring insurance to pay for hormonal birth control. Which, as she points out, has many other uses beyond birth control and is therefore something that needs to be covered like any other medication.

  7. March 30 was the day she blogged about his arrival it is possible he was born a few days prior or that he was born on the 30th and when on Ellen they had already celebrated his party.

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