Jessica Simpson’s Fashionable Pregnancy Deconstructed

Jessica Simpson has more than just baby on her mind these days. The songstress and fashion designer has been busy promoting her new tween line, Jessica Simpson Girls, and Fashion Star reality series since officially announcing her pregnancy via Twitter in late October. She’s been spotted at promotional events, awards shows, and hitting the streets of NYC and LA — looking fabulous at each stop! While leopard print and black seem to be Jessica’s pregnancy fashion staples, that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to wear color too.

Continue reading at to see how Jessica Simpson pulls her maternity look together while out on the road.

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  1. She has worn the most hideously ugly, unflattering maternity clothes that I have ever seen. She has zero taste in clothes. Considering she makes most of her money “designing” (putting her name on) clothes, I am amazed by the amount of fashion missteps she has made over the years. She always tries way too hard to make everyone think that she knows something that the rest of us don’t know about that which looks good. She is a cartoon character. And….no matter how hard anyone tries to justify the amount of weight she has gained, let me just say that she is a cow. Her belly is just the tip of the iceberg. Her thighs, arms, etc. are huge. I’ve never in my life seen a woman transform to the extent that she has. She is almost unrecognizeable except for that familiar hooked nose. There is no excuse for that and her huge tent dresses are not about fashion but about attempting to cammoflauge her insanely hefty frame. The irony is that they do the exact opposite. She’s just a mess.

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