Tori Spelling: This Is The Best Pregnancy Yet!

Fourth pregnancy’s a charm for Tori Spelling!

The reality star, who last week shocked just about everyone with the happy news that she’s expecting baby #4, says that so far this pregnancy is her best one yet.

“This is actually the best pregnancy I’ve had so far out of all of them,” Tori tells People. “Knock on wood. [I have] no morning sickness and I have energy. [It’s the] total opposite than other three.”

It’s a good thing she has energy to spare, because Tori’s schedule is about to get even busier: She’s signed on to host a new TLC reality show called Craft Wars, which will pit contestants against one another in a series of crafty challenges.

“We are a very crafty family,” Tori says of her own bunch, which includes her husband Dean McDermott and kids Liam, Stella and Hattie. “Liam and Stella love to get creative. We craft every weekend.”

As for craft disasters, she says that thankfully they don’t happen too often: “The worst that has happened is [my kids] got into the glitter.”


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  1. I’m really curious about the physical aspect of this. Judging by the photos she posted and the fact that she announced the pregnancy, she’s got to be past the 3 month mark, meaning she got pregant when the new baby was about 2 months old.

    Is your uterus really healed enough from a c-section at that point? Is this safe?

    • I’m really interested to know more about the physical/ safety aspects of this as well. I would have thought that getting pregnant again immediately after your third c-section would be risky, am I wrong?

  2. I was wondering the same, is her body ready? But then I suppose it will just HAVE to be, and of course, she can afford very good care.
    I’m really thrilled for them, I love the idea of a big family, and I hope to have more kids one day, but I gave birth to my second baby a year and a half ago and I STILL don’t feel ready to have another, i couldn’t even imagine having two so close!
    Chances are that this baby will be born around the same time their last one is only having her first birthday!

    • It doesn’t “just have to be”, uterine rupture happens, and both baby and mom can die from it. I do hope she’ll be okay.

  3. Yes, it’s lovely news and more power to her for just going for it so soon. I personally would be too afraid to go again so soon, even if I wanted to. I’d be worried about my scar rupturing, pre-term labor and low birth weight baby due to my body not having had time to recouperate its supplies from making the last baby. But, like I said, good for her for going for what she wants.

  4. i have no idea, but i’m really not thinking it was planned. i’m sure she’s worried about all of the above concerns as well.

  5. Some pregnancies even with the best intentions otherwise just happens. My brother is 11months my junior and two of my neices are exactly one year apart on the same day. So if they are ok with it then they certainly have my best wishes intentional or not.

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