Pete Wentz & Bronx: Park Playday

While mom’s away, the boys will play!

Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz was taking advantage of the time that he was able to spend with his 3-year old son, Bronx, and his girlfriend, Meagan Camper. The musician was on daddy-duty while Ashlee Simpson was down under to attend an exclusive launch party for a nightclub.

The trio spent the day laughing and playing at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park on Friday (March 30). It looked evident that Bronx loves spending time with his dad and has taken to Meagan as well.

The curly haired cutie was being stylish putting on a pair of big yellow sunglasses as they walked out of the park. At one point, he even used the sunglasses to hold his long curls back away from his face. Too cute!


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  1. This kid has got to have the ugliest hair that I have ever seen on a child!!! Do they not care how he looks or anything??? How could anyone even look at his hair and think that it looks really nice or stylish??? Does this child even know or care what he looks like???

    • LOL.. maybe they don’t predicate how he “looks” the same way you do. They created that child and maybe, to them, his hair is perfect and distinctly him.

      Not only can I not figure out why you think his parents should care if he looks “stylish”… the fact that you think this child should care how he looks is truly bizarre! He’s three!!!!

  2. he’s only 3, he doesn’t know better. but he’s going to look back and ask his parents what the hell they were thinking. i’ll never understand why parents are afraid to cut a childs hair. longer isn’t always better, it looks disgusting.

  3. My son had the same hair. At 36 he gets a chuckle out of the pictures. No trauma experienced then or now. The kid is fine.

  4. Wow, how scary childish can be pain of some people, who are afraid of how the hair of a child looks like. Long or short, the hair does not change the person. Its the opposite or must be the opposite: the person makes the hair. Long or short its on this person and this person was born with his own personality. Are you afraid of something? Hm,let me see, the gender story again? No, please, im so tired! So you are afraid that the gender can be changed? From…wait a minute….a hair? Tz-tz, call the doctor-i have something to tell him.

  5. I agree with the first two posters. His hair is absolutely pathetic looking. He looks like a clown. It doesn’t make him look cute at all.

    • What a sad life you must lead. Insulting a child, repeatedly. Your parents must be so proud. Praying right now that you don’t have children and are never given them, because you the worst kind of person.

      • I agree with the reply. So sad that you have to insult a child. He looks happy and healthy. Who cares if his hair isn’t a style you like? He isn’t your child, is he? Bronx looks perfect!!!

  6. PS: to the person, who called the parents “afraid” of cutting the childs hair: you are afraid. From the hair of your poor child and from yourself. Oh, yes. From yourself. Dont like that? Good. Close your eyes for the things that you are afraid of. Close your heart for the joy to be free. Close everything and go home. Your life is useless. Bad luck.

    • I want some of what you’re smoking…..

      It’s afraid ‘OF’ not afraid “FROM’. Learn English before you try to write it.

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