Jennifer Garner: On The Go With Her Girls

Busy mom-of-three Jennifer Garner was spotted out and about with her girls Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, today – still no sight of baby brother Samuel, though (April 2)!

After dropping Violet off for a playdate with a friend in Pacific Palisades, California, the lovely Juno star headed out for some fun one-on-one time with Sera. The preschooler, who looked cute as a button in her strawberry T and skirt set, seemed happy to be spending the day with mom – the balloon and lollipop may have had something to do with that!

Though Jen and her husband Ben Affleck must have their hands full with a new babe at home, we’ve seen them out and about with Samuel’s big sisters quite a bit over the past few weeks.

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  1. I I had a baby after her and I look wayyy better! Don’t try to be mean, but she had a killer body…and I didn’t…so I feel bless to have lost my baby weight so quickly 🙂

  2. For everyone who bashes Jennifer Garner’s fashion, do you think her kids would rather have a mom who wears all the latest trends or one who loves them and spends time with them? Her kids are by far the happiest on this site so it appears she’s doing something right.

    • O becasue you can’t have both and fashion takes up so much time that you have no room what so ever for your kids becasue if

      Really that is the most stupids comment I ever heard in defending J Garner stye or lack of stye but your right she dose’t need to wear the latest trends but clothes that fit her body type.

      F.Y.I jessica alba has great stye and all ways wears all the latest trends and she spends lots of time with her kids and they look happy.

      • Bella, I can’t decide it’s your spelling or typing that turned your comment into a LOL moment for me. Stay in school or either go back to school before calling someone stupid(s). More time spent on learning skills like correct spelling/writing and less on fashion (even if that is your career choice) could take you further in life.

        I prefer Jennifer’s mom style to Jessica’s. I don’t think Jessica has ever worn the same outfit twice. And her kids clothes are way over the top and to fussy for my taste. Wrong message being sent and they will probably wind up like Paris Hilton when they grow up. Whatever, to each his own.

        Back to my reason for clicking on this thread, Sera’s hair is so long and pretty. Both Affleck girls have lovely hair just like their mom.

    • Amen to that. When you read these scathing, critical comments you have to consider the source — I’d bet that most of these women (girls??) don’t even have children and simply can’t relate to the demands of a busy mom.

      That would explain why you see comments praising those who are perfectly coiffed and accessorized with the right shade of lipstick, latest fashions, etc., etc. — Immature, naive people like these negative nellies are impressed with superficial celebs who outsource their childcare responsibilities v.s. those like Garner who puts her kids first and following fashion and make up trends is simply not a priority

      • PS – When I referred to the superficial, appearance-oriented celebs, I was not referring to Jessica Alba. She seems to be a genuinely involved and hands-on mom.

      • Memo to Jen Garner:

        Psst. Jen – Maybe if you bleached your hair and wore heavy make up and 6 inch heels 24/7 (bonus points if you do it at the playground) you would gain the approval of these internet trolls.

  3. Sera looks like such a big girl with that long, flowing hair! They are both (Sera and Violet) SO adorable! Favorite family of mine! P.S. How did Bella ever get the math question right?

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