Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Fun Time In New Orleans

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have been down in New Orleans, LA. visiting Tom Cruise on the set of his new movie Oblivion. On Wednesday (March 28) – Katie was seen carrying Suri and holding a cup of coffee at the park. The 5-year-old wore a polka-dot pink top with a twirly white skirt.

On Sunday (April 2) – Katie and her parents Kathleen and Martin took Suri out shopping in Baton Rouge. At one point – the wind blew Suri’s hat off. Grandma was right there to help retrieve it!

Last week Suri and her mom flew in from New York City where they enjoyed a helicopter ride, hanging out at Chelsea Piers, and making pottery at a store.

Tom also has two movies coming out this year – One Shot and Rock of Ages. The new movie he’s shooting right now is a futuristic thriller and also stars Melissa Leo and Morgan Freeman.


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    • I would imagine she’s scared of the geese. They can get pretty aggressive. The little boy I used to babysit would get scared when they began acting like they were going to attack, and I picked him up at 5 – 6 – 7.

    • Isn’t Katie Holmes a total stranger to you? Surely Katie can decide how to take care of her own daughter without being aided by an anonymous internet troll?

    • Who is wearing a jacket? Suri has a sweater on over a sleeveless dress and katie is wearing a shirt. Not sure i understand what you mean.
      Also, Katie should consider not ever wearing those boots again…they cut her off right above the ankle. Her legs are not her best feature. She must know that by now. whatevs. Do what you want. But it’s not the best look. She wears those boots all the time. In light brown, dark brown, black, For like 2 years now.

  1. Katie: OMG your look is horible!
    Suri: is getting too big to carry by now and I think she’s the most spliled child in the world

  2. Katie must spend hours trying to find the ugliest clothes in the world!! She looks like she is dressed from someone’s bag of charity donations. What is the deal with her?

  3. This when Tom was filming His movie Knight and Day ahe was wearing the same outfit in that park every day is that what we are going see as hewas filming his movie with Cameron Diaz?

  4. Honestly, I thought human cloning was still illegal in most developed countries, coz that kid is just a Katie clone, no Tommy there Im afraid. Actually the child looks like the embodiment of ‘Damien’. “Look at me, Damien! It’s all for you”

    Its frightening…

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