Levi Johnston Expecting Baby No.2

It looks like Levi Johnston is about to be a dad again.

The 21-year-old Alaskan – who is also father to 3-year-old son Tripp with ex-fiancée Bristol Palin – and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, 20, are expecting a baby together, his rep confirmed to Us Weekly on Tuesday (April 3).

The Playgirl model Johnston and his girlfriend of over a year went public with their romance in December 2010.

Levi and 21-year-old Bristol – the eldest daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin – welcomed Tripp in late 2008. The duo called off their engagement in March 2009 but got engaged again in July 2010. They finally called things off permanently 3 months later.

“Bristol wanted to have a baby,” Levi quipped to E! News last September. “It all happened on purpose, and I was dumb enough just to roll with hit.”

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  1. This guy just can’t keep it in his pants – all of these illegimate kids running all over the place.

    • True, he can’t keep it in his pants…but it’s also up to the female to either be on birth control or require the guy to wear a condom. It’s BOTH their responsibility.

    • A man can 100% use condoms which prevent pregnancy which he obviously didn’t do for both these girls! He obviously didn’t learn after the first girl he got preggo and now he didn’t wear a condom the second time. Hopefully this guy doesn’t fight for custody of another child that could of been prevented if had used protection or he could of had a child without a custody battle if the couple was actually married! You know it’s not that hard to be ONE big happy family instead of 2 separate happy families.

  2. I hope Sunny enjoys raising a kid by herself, cause he’ll wander off the minute it gets a little rough.

    • I dont know this guy personally but I am pretty sure he did try to be part of his baby’s life as did his family… Palins would have NONE of that.

      • He complained publicly that Bristol wouldn’t drive the kid over to his house for him to see him. Apparently getting into his own car and picking his kid up was too much trouble for him even when he had a visitation order in place. That’s not the Palin’s fault. It’s also not their fault that he doesn’t financially support the kid, which he doesn’t. As for his family, do you mean Bristol should have dropped the kid off with his mom who was convicted for selling meth? Not a lot of moms would be really comfortable with that. I certainly wouldn’t be. Don’t mix your hatred of the Palin’s up with this kid being a worthless flake.

  3. Note to Levi – apparently you haven’t heard -there are these extremely useful little things called condoms and you need a ‘rep’ because…

  4. What a winner. What’s wrong with establishing a solid foundation with your partner before you make babies?

  5. Levi runs his mouth and the things that come out of it are not very endearing. I think he may at one point wanted to have a relationship with Tripp to keep his name in the headlines but the Palins this time were not stupid enough to fall for it. I hope one day (now would be good since ur expecting again) to grow up and take care of what is yours. You can’t go back and change the past you can only move forward. So hopefully one day he will have a relationship with Tripp and learn to shut his mouth and be a dad. He’s got a 2nd chance to do it right lets see if he can. only time will tell.

  6. Puhlease..Bristol had 2 kids by him and learned that if her mother wasn’t the governor..She would be raising both kids on her own…Yeah we all know that allege last baby by Sarah is actually Bristol’s..Hospital records don’t exist for Sarah… Hence Levi given all this space to talk crap.

  7. Guess she was in the room when both babies were conceived. Some peole like above prefer distorted ugly versions than the truth. Yep she’s a birther too.

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