Felicity Huffman Admits To Feeling Mother Guilt

Felicity Huffman writes about mother guilt in her latest blog entry on What The Flicka? The actress reveals the honest side of herself as a guilty mom to Sophia, 11 1/2, and Georgia, 10 – her children with William H. Macy.

She says when her girls were toddlers and she started working on Desperate Housewives – it was a relief to go to work.

It felt like a vacation from Mothering, and yet I was wracked by guilt. As a matter of fact, there was very little I didn’t feel guilty about. My kids would cry when I left for work and oftentimes cry when I got home. Even when I went to audition for D. H., I remember them crying as I scooted out, leaving my husband in charge of the evening bath. But I loved my job, still love it, and am lucky to have it.”

She adds, “Why do I feel so guilty all the time? It starts because I feel completely and utterly responsible for my children’s happiness and well-being. As I write that sentence, I realize it is out of adjustment, and grandiose. But it feels like any decision that I make for myself is a decision I am making against them.”

Huffman now says she has learned to include her girls in activities writing, “actually as they get older our worlds become “you AND me” more and more”.

She shares, “My girls and I take lovely hikes now, we love playing board games, and wrestling and tickling each other. But when my girls were little it really felt like an either/or situation.”


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  1. I love how honest she is. It gets annoying to hear hollywood moms talk about how everything is SO perfect blah blah blah.

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