Jennifer Garner & Violet: Shoe Shoppers

13 Going on 30 star Jennifer Garner and her 6-year-old daughter Violet went shopping at Harry Harris Shoes for Children in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday (April 3). Violet was all smiles after getting a red balloon and lollipop from the store.

Still no sign of baby Samuel! Jen and husband, fellow actor Ben Affleck, welcomed their son on February 27 — and we’re dying to see the first pics of the lil’ guy!

The high-profile couple are also parents to 3-year-old daughter Seraphina, who was spotted out and about with mama on Monday.

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  1. Part of me is giving her a high five her for not giving a damn about ‘fashion’ and just being normal, but a big part of me wants to take her hand and lead her to a mirror. Those baggy men’s jeans, the court shoes, the centre parting…oh dear. Having just had a baby is no reason to dress in such an unattractive way, sorry.

    • You know what is a good reason? That her fashion choices are HER fashion choices. She doesn’t owe you or anyone else an explanation for how she chooses to dress. She isn’t hurting anyone. Why do you care so much about what she wears?

      • Agreed!!! I can’t even imagine how a person looks at a photo and the first thing they think of every single time is something negative. It’s not how sweet it is that she’s so active with her family, it’s not how big Violet has grown. It’s always some attack or critique on her freaking clothes. Seriously?

    • You know what is a good reason? That her fashion choices are HER fashion choices. She doesn’t owe you or anyone else an explanation for how she chooses to dress. She isn’t hurting anyone. Why do you care so much about what she wears?

    • I see neat hole free good colored jeans (maybe the best fit at the moment ), tidy pulled back hair (what’s wrong with a center part – CBS is full of them), flats (not court shoes). She’s on the sidewalk not the red carpet or catwalk. It’s a normal day out with a child on errands, not promoting a movie. She actually looks like most of the mothers I saw picking up their kids at pre-school today. She’s fine.

  2. I luv these photos
    she dresses herself out of the laundry basket or whatever is on the floor in her house.
    hey there must be a huge segment of the population that identify with her

  3. Violet reminds me of Ava Phillipe they where the same glasses and beginning too
    See what Violet will look like! Really wish she would bring her son out he should
    Be scheduled for a check up now…

  4. Jen is what you would call a natural beauty – she doesn’t need high fashion or full-on hair and make up to shine and more importantly, seems to have the confidence to pull it off. Others could take a page from her book – focus on interacting with your children one-on-one and enjoying life instead of worrying if your roots need to be touched up, or if your shoes match with your other accessories and if your kids need bleach jobs as well.

    • What dose that have to do with anything?

      You want people to stop picking on Jen because of the way she dress than guess what it’s a two way street that whould mean you and others like you would have to stop judging other mother on the fact that they may like to wear nice clothes and are into fashion and assuming that they are bad mothers who spend no timw with their kids because of it.

      jessica alba is just one manages to be into fashion and loves to dress and she interacts with her children one-on-one. sarah jessica parker is another, my god you can do both Who would have thought it was possible. Lol

      • Alba and Parker weren’t who I was thinking of – they are stylish, but don’t seem to be narcissistic and clearly dote on their kids.

    • I think whether or not someone walks around like a style icon is up to them. There’s nothing wrong with being dressed to the nines all the time (Gwen Stefani) and there’s nothing wrong with taking a much more casual approach to fashion (Jennifer Garner).

      The world is big enough for everyone!

      • Of the two, I’d take a “casual ” hands-on mom like Garner over a self-involved, superficial fashionista any day. Years from now, Jen can look back on how much time she spent one on one with her kids with no regrets. I’m sure she won’t look back and say “Darn, I should have worn my bright red lipstick and coordinated outfit that day back in April 2012!”

        • Since neither of us personally knows either of these women, neither of us can say who we’d pick to be friends with. I certainly hope my friends don’t judge my character based on my wardrobe.

  5. Jen looks fine. She has bigger fish to fry right now than planning outfits. Give her a year or two to adjust and so on…that being said…one teensy fasion tip: Violet while having many attractive points has ENORMOUS feet. I’d stick with neutral type shoe minus poofy colorful doo-dahs that only draw attention to them. Not a crime to have flippers, my daughter does too (she’s a great swimmer) but no need to emphasise it.

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  7. you people crack me up talking about her style / fashion / etc. you are the same ones who talk about how cute all these kids are (jolie-pitts, ashlee simpsons, marcia cross’, etc) who let their kids out in public w/o combing their hair, mixed matched, ratty clothing, etc. and then when jennifer goes out right after having a baby, she gets critiqued for being comfortable…….lmao @ the fashion police.
    lets pay attention to some of these ragamuffin kids out in public !!!!!

  8. i don’t think “being a mother” is an excuse to not put yourself together. im not saying you have to dress for a fashion show, or even wear makeup, but by pulling yourself together a little shows your children you value yourself too. also that you value the family you are representing. granted jennifer just had a baby, and i am speaking in general terms. at a certain point you can’t hide behind your kids.

    • She doesn’t need an excuse because she doesn’t have to answer to you or anyone else for her fashion choices. The only people who think what she’s what she’s wearing indicates she doesn’t value herself or her family are shallow people like you. Some of us would say that a woman who spends time worrying about what others think about her clothes and makeup is a shallow narcissist who would rather waste time on frivolous things than with her family.

    • My clothing does not “represent” my family.

      Nor would I ever, ever, ever judge my friends by how “put together” they looked while running errands four weeks after having their third child.

      And by the way, Jennifer Garner looks pretty “put together” to me exactly as she is.

  9. She is setting an example for her kids and that includes hygiene (she never looks bathed but I’m sure she is) and taking pride in your personal appearance (which she rarely does). Simple.

    • Actually, no, she looks perfectly fine and just like any other normal woman out running errands. You are delusional, and it’s quite clear your comments have nothing to do with the pictures you’re looking at and everything to do with the fact that you harbor a bizarre, irrational hatred for this woman despite the fact that you don’t know her and she’s never done anything to you. You really need to get some help.

  10. This post is HILIRARIOUS – 29 comments on Jen Garner out getting shoes with her daughter. Methinks some people need to get a hobby (or job). All of you have WAY too much time on your hands!!

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