Kate Winslet: My Kids Are The Perfect Age To Watch Titanic

Actress Kate Winslet became a household name 15 years ago after starring opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the wildly successful film Titanic. The Oscar-winner says that her kids Mia, 11, and Joe, 8, have yet to see the movie – though it sounds like that may soon change!

“They’ve still not seen it, but they’re the perfect age to see it,” Kate tells the UK’s Daybreak. “They’ll see it on the big screen with 3D. It’s going to be profoundly weird.”

As for Kate’s own reaction to the new 3D version that had its premiere last wekk, she admits she was shocked.

“Nothing could prepare me for seeing myself on the big screen after 16 years,” she insists. “I saw the film twice at the time and I haven’t seen it since. I put my [3D] glasses on, really excited, and the second my face came on I was like, ‘Oh my God, make it stop. Is that what I looked like? Look at what Leo looked like!'”

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    • Depends on your family dynamic. Some people aren’t hung up about their kids seeing them naked, especially in the Titanic scene which is really well done.

    • oh she already said she is not gonna let her kids watch that scene. She is gonna cover their eyes. I think its awesome that she is so protective of what her kids watch. They don’t have any of their mom’s movies at their house. Just because you have a mom that is a movie star doesn’t mean you should let your kids watch the movies she is in cause a lot of them can be inappropriate, which a lot kate’s movies are. But she is a great mother I think:) oh and her kids call Leo uncle Leo! isn’t that so adorable!?

  1. How old was her boyfriend when that movie came out! 16 years ago..!
    Has he seen it yet ? Wow she was shocked by her face what did he
    Do to the movie? And Leo too! Her daughter would be more upset to
    See mom and Leo

  2. I dont think the kids will be uncomfortable with the small amount of nudity even if it is their mother. It is relevant to the film and after all they are European and they are not as uptight about sex/nudity as us Yanks.

  3. I was 11 when it came out and saw it in theaters three times. I loved it and still do. I’m American, from Texas, too and the nudity didn’t faze me.

  4. I thought it would be weird at first too, but if she explains the context they’ll probably see it as art. Plus they probably know all about it

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