Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn To Yoga

Model mom Miranda Kerr was seen leaving Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, Calif. with her adorable 1-year-old son Flynn on Tuesday (April 3). The doting mama carried her cutie after class as they headed to the car.

“I love yoga, I practice yoga and Pilates and I do resistance training with bands,” the Australian beauty said. “I enjoy it, it makes you feel good if you take of yourself and be in the best shape that’s natural for you.”

Is the Victoria’s Secret model ready to welcome baby No. 2 with hunky hubby Orlando Bloom? “I want to spend as much time with [Flynn] as I can, and I’d want to put a lot of energy into him,” she said, adding they want to wait until their tot is at least 3-years-old.

“He’s the most beautiful thing, the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she added. “It’s wonderful.”

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  1. I wish more women would pay attention to this.

    Healthy and fit BEFORE pregnancy + healthy and fit DURING pregnancy = equals healthy and fit AFTER pregnancy.

    • I am glad that you pointed this out. As someone who is (mainly) healthy and (mainly) fit, and someone who will be pregnant (hopefully) within the next year….I get mortified by some of these women out there, who are SO SO big during pregnancy and also after. I fail sometimes to remember, that a majority of these women probably did not go to the gym before being pregnant. I try to go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I plan on doing that IF/WHEN I ever get pregnant. (light workout, of course). I think some women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat and get fat. BLECH.

      • I agree, SS!

        I have a pregnant friend who put on 80 lbs when she was pregnant who is soooo jealous of her sister, who gained 27 and went right back to her pre-pregnancy body.

        However, the friend ate enormous amounts of food and thinks it’s enough exercise walking back and forth to the refrigerator. Her sister is a healthy, active person who has been a yoga fan for 15 years, walks for exercise and is generally an active person who doesn’t scarf down junk food every day.

        Go ahead. Be jealous. But what you’re really jealous of is her self-control and discipline.

        • I have a friend who is similar to yours! She was a tiny woman before getting pregnant, but ended up gaining at least 80 pounds while pregnant. She became (as Gisele Bundchen would put it) a ‘garbage disposal’ and would eat anything she wanted, whenever she wanted. Even though it has been almost 2 years since she gave birth, she is STILL struggling to get the weight off.

  2. He has always looked like such a solid, heavy little guy! What a cutie. My kids were all so fair: I envy those baby eyebrows.

  3. He has always looked like such a solid, heavy little guy! What a cutie. My kids were all so fair: I envy those baby eyebrows.

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