Lourdes Leon Strolls To School

Lourdes Leon – the 15-year-old daughter of megastar Madonna – was snapped strolling to school Wednesday morning (April 4) in New York City.

The beautiful teen – who recently made headlines when she was caught smoking a cigarette – wore tight black jeans, a denim jacket adorned with numerous patches and an oversized black bag as she made her way to school.

It seems Lourdes and her siblings Rocco, 12, David, 6, and 5-year-old Mercy have their opinions about their mother’s music.

“My kids are brutally honest when it comes to what they don’t like,” the Give Me All Your Luvin’ says. “They have no tact whatsoever.”

“They’ll just say, ‘Mum, get that song off’ even when mine,” she continues. “It’s hurtful but at least they’re honest.”


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  1. Why do you have to mention the cigarette every single time a new picture is posted of her? It’s not some Scarlet Letter she has to wear from now on. Geez, she’s just a kid who tried out a smoke like many others have foolishly done in their teens, but the difference is that she had the misfortune of getting caught for the whole world to see because she’s harassed by the paps every day. She’s not smoking in these pictures, she’s just on her way to school, so why even bring up that incident?

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