Alyson Hannigan: “I’ve Already Got A Trust Fund For [The Kids’] Therapy”

Expectant mama Alyson Hannigan has been busy doing the publicity rounds the past few weeks to gear up for the eagerly anticipated American Reunion film set to debut today (April 6).

The actress was skeptical to sign on to shoot the reunion movie at first. “I was very, very hesitant, but I met with the writers/directors and they pitched me all their ideas and I thought that sounded really good,” the mother of 3-year old Satyana shared with FoxNews.

“The script was fantastic and it’s just gotten better ever since. I think they really captured the essence of the first one which is my favorite… You can expect a lot of raunch, a lot of laughs and a lot of heart.”

Thirteen years ago, the idea of high school band camp was forever changed in many people’s minds thanks to Hannigan’s character in American Pie. The now 38-year old has been actively preparing for the day her children ask her about the band camp sex scene.

I’ve already got a trust fund for their therapy,” she shares. “I will be talking to a lot of therapists before we have that conversation.”

The How I Met Your Mother star and her hubby, Alexis Denisof, are happily expecting their second child this spring.

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