Harold Perrineau & Family: Moviegoers At The Grove

Harold Perrineau and his wife Brittany took their daughter Wynter, 3 1/2, – to The Grove on Thursday (April 5). Their other daughter Aurora, 17, wasn’t with them. The family were there to catch a movie.

Little Wynter looked tired and rested while her dad carried her.

The former Lost star has a new film out called Seeking Justice with Nicolas Cage and January Jones. He also has just signed on to Kathryn Bigelow’s next film.

In an interview earlier this month he talked about the part.

He said, “After Hurt Locker, everyone’s been anxious to see what she was going to do next so it’s great to be a part of that. I really don’t know much yet except that I’m heading overseas in a few weeks to start shooting. I also recently did a bit part in this movie called Snitch– that was just me going in to do a role for my buddy Ric Waugh (director), and it was pretty great working alongside Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon just for a day. 2012 has been very good to me so far; I’m pretty lucky.”


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  1. their oldest is 17 so I guess they have been together for 20 years (more or less) … a lifetime in hollywood. Such a beautiful family

  2. I think they look bored and miserable (him) and then pissy and flabby in a see through t shirt (her). Baby girl is apparently “tired AND rested.” Whatever the heck that means! Let’s even out the over the top glowing comments from family members with a little truth. Just a little. Please. And ripped jeans on a 40 year old woman with a trendy club kid hat. no no no no no no no. Leave it in your 17 year old’s closet. Or risk the Corey Feldman comparisons.

    • Uh, it says that Wynter looked tired and therefore was resting on her dad’s shoulder. Do you actually understand English cause no offense but you don’t speak it very well.

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