Mark Wahlberg & His Funky Florida Bunch

Sexy papa Mark Wahlberg made a splash with gorgeous wife, Rhea Durham, and their four children – Ella, 8, Michael, 6, Brendon, 3, and Grace, 2 – in Miami on the Easter weekend (April 7 & 8).

After attending church services, the family-of-six were seen having some fun in the Florida sun. Mark showed off his buff physique as he swung around his youngest son in the breaking waves. While relaxing in the shade, the doting daddy relaxed on a lounge chair with his bikini clad wife and their youngest daughter.

Watch for the hunky singer-turned-actor to hit the big screen in his upcoming films: Ted, Broken City and Pain & Gain.

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  1. I find Mark’s results from laser tattoo removal simply amazing! It inspired me to remove an old tattoo that I no longer wanted. And I love that he makes his kids go with him for the treatments! Shows them how painful it is to remove so they will think hard about ever getting one.

    He is really bulking up. Huge!

  2. Mark is so versatile in all the roles he potrays. One that always stands out to me is ‘Fear’ he played the hell out of that character!!

    He looks really good…. Look at that chest—> fans self ( :

  3. Rhea is so pretty i wonder why she had to have 3 kids by him and date him for 8 years before he was actually willing to marry to her, while Leah Messer has known guys for less than a year and only has 2 kids and the twins aren’t even his biological twins and he’s already married to her!

  4. I don’t like Mark he left and broke up with Rhea after she gave birth to their first daughter Ella! What an awful husband! Rhea needs self esteem! What a good looking family with awful issues deep inside!

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