Teri Hatcher & Emerson: Studio City Shopping

Teri Hatcher and her beautiful daughter, Emerson, 14, spent a down-to-earth day together on Friday (April 6). The duo had a lunch date at a local eatery in Studio City, Calif. and then did some heavy-duty grocery shopping.

The pair shared a lot of smiles throughout the afternoon and appeared to really enjoy each other’s company. Regardless of the age gap between the 47-year old actress and her daughter, the two are very much alike. The teen showed off her confident persona and stunning smile similar to her mom.

It was announced last fall that the Desperate Housewives run will come to an end this May after eight successful seasons.

What will be next for the former Lois Lane?


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  1. Age gap between mother and daughter ????!!!!! Whose the idiot who wrote this article ,do you expect mothers to be 5 years older than thier children ??

    • I wondered if I was the only person who found that odd. Really, the whole article is poorly written. As a writer/journalist who recently lost her job due to the economy, it saddens me that people who write so poorly stay employed. Most employers prefer an English or journalism degree to creativity and common sense.

    • Are you new here? This site posts pictures of all celebrity children, regardless of age, not just babies. Taking thins so literally will not get you far in life.

  2. LOL. I “love” how Emerson just stares & doesn’t bother to help her mom load the groceries into the car.

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