Tori Spelling On Baby No.4: “We Would Like A Little Boy”

Expecting Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Tori Spelling recently confirmed she was pregnant with her and her husband Dean McDermott‘s fourth child but the 38-year-old mother-of-three admits they are hoping for another male member to join their rapidly growing family.

“We would like a little boy,” Tori reveals on Wednesday’s episode of The Rachael Ray Show “And Stella…she’s now a middle child and when we told her about the pregnancy she said ‘I hope it’s a little boy for Liam.'”

Liam, 5, and 3-year-old Stella were “over-the-moon and super excited” when the actress and her 45-year-old husband of six years announced they were expecting Hattie but with their new sibling – due this September – it seems to be quite another story.

“It was as if we had said, ‘Oh we got milk today,” Tori recently said. “We brought home milk today and put it in the fridge and you can go help yourself to a glass.'”

Dean, on the other hand, couldn’t be more proud of his latest accomplishment.

“Well, my husband got really lucky that night and then I got lucky,” she reveals to Rachael. “He’s feeling real proud of himself. He’s like a fluffed up chicken. Women walk by and he’s like, ‘Don’t walk too close to me — I’ve got the batter.'”

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  1. I can tell she thinks these TMI stories are amusing, but she is mistaken. The most she talks, the less I like her. And her husband is coming off even worse in her “amusing” anecdotes.

  2. They are adorable and seem like wonderful parents. I hope for a little boy. Her girls are gorgeous and Liam is such a cute little man and the funniest little boy I have seen. The things he comes up with on her show just make me laugh so hard. I wish them another (or 3rd) boy to their family.

  3. It seems like she purposely says things that leave Dean’s older son out. She should be trying to make him feel like a part of the family, he probably feels unwanted anyway.

      • That doesn’t mean that she has to go out of her way to exclude him either. “And baby makes six” and naming all the rest of the family in the pregnancy announcement was not necessary. A little tact wouldn’t kill her.

        • She f*cked someone else’s husband while she herself was still married to someone else. “Tact” is not a quality these people possess.

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  5. The comments she made about him make me want to vomit and then the stupid comment he made. So he knocked her up again, big deal. He thinks he’s the $h*t now. That’s what happens when you don’t use birth control. That can happen to anyone. It was NOTHING special he did. Puleeze!

  6. I agree with Grace! The less said the better for Tori! She always comes across as a classless nit wit. There is only one thing Dean is committed to…his children’s inheritance from Candy! That is why he keeps impregnating Tori!

    • EXACTLY!!! I wish your comment would be published for the world to see! Maybe then Tori & Dean would disappear out of embarassment!

  7. I think Tori seems very down to earth and is just trying to be relatable. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks or divulge information that others might keep to themselves for fear of coming across a certain way. Most celebrities want to come across as perfect and have people telling them what to say all the time. Tori is as real as it gets in Hollywood and I love that about her. I think her family is adorable, and I think she seems like a lovely person inside and out!

  8. Really Anonymous 11:29? There isn’t anything “real” or “relatable” about this family! Every single episode of their show is staged and fake. Remember the the self imposed relationship drama they tried to create with that ridiculous fight? how about the Bed and Breakfast they pretended to buy, when they merely rented it for filming. How about the real woman who does ALL of the baking and decorating for Tori’s parties @Jennyscookies? she said they filmed her arrival out of sequence, she had already been living with them for two weeks! She has a film crew following her children around and Liam , the brat, has had an I-Phone since he was four years old! I do not suffer fools lightly and I find Tori to be nothing more than an attention starved shrew and Dean to be a total creep!

    • Uh, not that I disagree with your general assessment of her but how would you know all that information unless you were watching that show????

  9. He seems pretty proud of himself just for being able to get her pregnant…most men can do that, and it’s kind of sad because what if they have a little girl, is she gonna be loved less? I’m just saying I know they thought they were having a boy last time and now they got pregnant again so quick after having Hattie it’s like she’s not good enough for them or something. Can’t they just be happy with what they get?

    • So now you’re suggesting that they got pregnant again so fast because they were disappointed that the baby was a girl? Yeah, I’m sure you’re right and they’ll probably lock the next one in a close it it’s another girl. {eyeroll}

  10. Let’s get some things straight.

    About 90% of the show is staged but so are most reality shows. They need ratings and they need to make it good for people to keep tuning in.

    Secondly as someone pointed out Jack is not discussed bc legally they were asked NOT TO TALK ABOUT HIM IN PUBLIC. So if Tori doesn’t mention him she’s respecting Dean’s ex and Jack for doing as they asked.

    Thirdly, Tori was very much hoping for a girl after Liam. I remember in one of he episdoes she was crying saying she can’t believe she’s having a daughter, she’s always wanted a daughter and she could believe she was actually going to have a little girl to dress up! I very much doubt now that she has Stella she’s just wishing that every baby after is a boy!
    It would make sense to have 2 girls to want a boy to even things out!

    With all that being said, I’m not huge fans of them but I think they’re in love despite what people want to think. They seem like great parents and they never have nannies (only Patsey? but she’s only there first year and she is more like a grandmother then nanny) Let’s face it if I had a Patsy I’d keep having babies too!

    • You’re mistaken about the no nannies thing. Patsy is there longer than a year – despite what Tori likes to claim. It’s yet another detail that on the show where they have tired to mislead viewers. And even if it was just a year, a nanny for a year is still a nanny. And no she is not more like a Grandmother than a nanny – she sleeps in the nursery at night and gets up with the baby. She takes care of the children during the day while Tori is off doing her 5 million jobs. She is much more like a nanny than a Grandmother. And they have another nanny named Paola.

    • they do have a nanny besides Patsy or instead of. I live in the area and have seen a young girls carrying the kids around and you see her in some Paps shots as well. I think they keep having kids so the show gets picked up again…not really but it does make for good reality tv. Dean is very creeepy and she is no better. I just hope the kids can be some what normal as far as growing up is concerned and learn about working hard and the importance of that; Tori seem to have learn it well even with all she had. I think a 4yr having an eye phone is ridiculous; I’m 34 and I don’t even own one-lol. As far as Jack they are respecting the ex’s wishes I’m sure. I just think the are both jerks for cheating on their spouses…I understand they both were not happy in their marriages but aleast wait till you tell the ex’s before you move forward and date and sleep around—tacky, just tacky. Sorry you can’t buy class in their case !!!

    • 1. I don’t have a problem with their reality show being staged. What I have a problem with is that Tori and Dean keep claiming that their reality show isn’t staged. That it’s totally real and honest – and it isn’t.

      2. Not being legally allowed to talk about Jack in public does not excuse her making the kind of comments she makes. She doesn’t have to word things like “And baby makes 6. . . ” she could just say, “We’re expecting.” And she doesn’t have to talk about how Liam needs a brother. And I don’t believe they are legally blocked from talking about him publicly because they’ve mentioned his name on the show before.

      3. To say that she’s “only there for a year” is a ridiculous defense. She’s only been a mother for 5 years and she’s had Patsy there for more than half of that time. That’s a huge amount of help. Plus, I don’t buy the “Patsy is only here for a year” thing. Patsy was on all last season when they had no babies in the house. Also, they have another nanny, Paola.

  11. Dean is very strange he just seems like a phony. I think his true colors will come out someday. Right now the ride is really good for him but in time he will stray and cheat on her.

  12. You people are so rude! You have a right to not like them but you don’t need to spread and share your negativity and hate with everyone. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! Their family life is their family life and I’m sure like everyones, there is more than meets the eye, so you don’t know what goes on or how they feel about Dean’s other son. They’re happily in love and expecting another baby, good for them, they deserve to enjoy it!

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