Taylor Armstrong & Kennedy: Drinks On The Go

Taylor Armstrong and her daughter Kennedy were spotted out with a friend in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (April 9).

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her 5-year-old both carried their drinks from their meal out.

Taylor, whose husband Russell committed suicide last August – is content being single at the moment.

She has said, “I don’t have a boyfriend. I can’t even imagine. I think it’s going to be a while for me. This is the first time in my life that I’m really starting to like me. I didn’t like me for 40 years and I’m just  starting to enjoy being alone and spending time with Kennedy.”


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  1. That’s not “a friend.” That’s ShanaBanana’s mother, Marla Pugh Taylor. The mysterious mother who has never once spoken out to support her daughter or confirm her tales of abuse. The mother who is at the center of one of ShanaBanana’s many lies (ShanaBanana claimed she had no family which I’m sure was puzzling to her mother and stepfather, whose last name she took as her first. They live in Southern California, not all that far from Beverly Hills.

  2. When she married him. I believe she knew he was pulling scams. but there was
    money involved, money she had never had before LOTS of it and a chance at a
    lavish lifestyle, she otherwise could only have dreamed of or fantasized about..
    Saying she came from the prestigious Ford family, only made her look less of a
    predator/ Because, why would someone who had always had tons of wealth be
    interested any anyone else’s money.. they had money to burn.and the pitch was a
    good one at the time, because if a Ford was invested and backing up the
    investments why wouldn’t or shouldn’t it be legit. The Ford’s that is, and most
    generally all had a fairly good reputation.. no scandals to speak of…and I’m
    sure Russell had Taylor laying it on thick..flaunting her figure , flashing her
    smile, being seductive when needed.. putting her into clothes she could never had
    afforded growing up in Tulsa ( not saying that people in Tulsa can’t or afford or
    don’t wear designer clothing and ..if they HAVE it, spend tons or bucoos of money)
    because they do in TULSA just as easy as they do anywhere. But that
    s not the point here is it? Taylor was saying she was born a privileged offspring
    of the FAMOUS Ford family.. which we now know she was not, it was a lie.. she has
    given explanations as to why we’ve stumbled upon this juicy tidbit of
    information.. and her version makes no sense.. go figure. I think that when
    Russell told her that people were coming after them, she panicked and set a plan
    in action…that she would claim abuse, make him look bad in the eyes of others..
    leave him if she had to so she would have an easier time when the going got
    tough. She could say, (and she did) I also predicted this last year) and I’m bot
    psychic.. it’s just makes common sense but she did, in deed say he made her go
    along with it and forced her to sign documents. How can anyone FORCE..FORCE you
    to sign documents. come on! That’s just ridiculous. Her and Russell got in over
    their heads trying to live the Beverly Hills lifestyle, I think before he had a
    wife and family and just had himself to take care of he was most likely more
    focused in all reality and wasn’t having to feed 3 mouths.. only one. He didn’t
    have a wife most likely nagging him for his credit cards to shop at the most
    exclusive shop sin Beverly Hills, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on
    clothing, shoes.. making her look rich in front of her new found friends then he
    had to please her by making sure she kept up with the Beverly Hills “Joneses”..
    all the stories, we’ve read about not only scamming investors, but close friends
    as well. for instance, the house they swore they could afford and was going to
    buy from their friend and after putting tons of money into it, they charged him
    on credit.. and proving they COULD NOT afford it after all.. they sued him for
    asking for the money back and chose to leave him holding the bag. She knew
    she was so naive and stupid that she didn’t know that Russell didn’t have any
    HONEST money OF HIS OWN, that He never let her see his bank account? Really? She
    had to be desperate to marry a man that kept her in the dark about where his money
    was coming from, she must not have been soulmates or that close to him or he
    couldn’t have loved her the way a woman would want to be loved if he kept his
    business dealings totally secret from her. I mean, she probably didn’t care as
    long as the money was coming in regularly?? bull!! She had to know,cause any woman
    in her right mind who after awhile still didn’t know how her hubby provided her
    with all of life’s luxuries..is gonna want to know, especially after the first
    time he tells her NO.. “You can’t go spend $5000 dollars today.” she’ll want to
    know why.. and she’ll eventually want to find out WHY!!. She was as much as a
    scammer as her husband was.. We can’t let her off the hook scott free.. she may
    have a daughter. so?/ She committed a crime and you don’t do that here in the US
    of A and get away with it.. and get to go on and live your life. Kennedy..=.poor
    thing.. caught in the middle of all of this tragedy, scandal and has to sit back
    and watch her mother unravel in public and most likely in private as well. And we
    might have all thought or hoped that when the new season 3 of RHOBH started
    filming, that her mother MIGHT be doing better.. but from the looks of it.. she
    isn’t/ Still drinking heavily, causing outlandish scenes in public.. getting
    righteous in front of her use to be so called friends who btw, are genuinely
    worried sick about her and afraid that she is going to go off of her rocker
    again. Why are we the public having to witness this all over again? Wasn’t there
    enough protest after last season to try and get her removed from the show.. for..
    if not anything else..for her own good asnd to get the proper help and counseling
    she needs. If I were her, I would want to be where all eyes WEREN’T on me so my
    daughter and I could have our privacy and heal from all the tragedy and chaos.
    That’s what real celebrities want. But Taylor just wants the spotlight. You’d
    thin she’d learn by now. Next thing we know, she’ll be posing fro Playboy
    magazine claiming.. she needed the money for lawyer fees..Whew.. what a long post
    that was..huh? I just had to say my piece, my take on TA. I know that a lot of
    you agree with me too. But anyway, let’s all still pray for this woman in the
    future here on out that she gets the proper guidance she and her daughter need..
    and that ONE day, she’ll realize that money and fame isn’t everything, it doesn’t
    make the world go round.. and she might benefit from living with out it for awhile
    if not forever, since it obviously has not worked out to well for her so far.She
    may have sold a NY times best seller but I wouldn’t buy it.. because I don’t
    think it would be candid enough. cn we really believe anything she says anymore.
    I ‘m just not sure.

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