Ali Landry & Marcelo: Some Bunny Loves Me

Gorgeous mama Ali Landry shared an adorable picture of her 6-month-old son Marcelo via Twitter over the Easter holidays.

With the sweet tot sporting bunny ears, the actress wrote, “Happy Easter from Marcelo and I.”

The mom-of-two was sure to share a shot of her 4-year-old daughter Estela as well. “My little bunny with her friends,” she wrote.

The kids’ father is Ali’s hubby, film director husband Alejandro Monteverde.

On her 2-week marriage to Mario Lopez, Ali recently opened up about how that “tough” situation led her to true love.

Look, it was a really tough situation — a really tough time in my life — but I am very proud of the way I handled it,” Ali shared. “It really changed my life in the most positive way, and that’s so nice to come out of something so terrible and be able to say that. Now I have a wonderful husband and a great family so now I can actually speak about it and not put any blame on the other person, but as someone who went through something terrible and handled it a certain way and I learned from it. I grew…. [At] the end of the day, it’s not about him, you know what I’m saying? He did suck, it still does suck. It hurt a lot and he never apologized. That’s hurtful, when someone you cared about never stepped up to the plate to at least say, ‘I’m so sorry I did that to you.’ But with that said, I had to be even stronger and figure out a way to move forward on my own…. I say it every single day. Like, ‘Thank God I’m not with that person. Thank God!’ I’m grateful that happened, really!”


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  1. What a gorgeous baby! He’s so big already and looking a lot like his sister. Blessings to this adorable family. 🙂

  2. Awe…so cute!! Everytime I read his name I hear it in my head as an old Italian grandma saying it emphasizing each syllable lol!

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