Vanessa Lachey Defends Celebrity Moms

From Alicia Silverstone’s food pre-chewing to January Jones’ placenta pills, there have been some interesting parenting stories emerging from Hollywood lately. Though these famous mamas have taken some heat for their confessions, mom-to-be Vanessa Lachey is coming to their defense.

She doesn’t have kids of her own just yet, but Vanessa says she applauds these moms for trusting their own instincts: “No one can tell anybody how to mother until you’re a mother — and everyone has their own methods and I think it’s beautiful that these celebrity moms are doing what they’re doing unapologetically because it’s their child and it’s their life,” Vanessa tells The Insider. “I just wish that as a society we could just commend them for being mothers.”

As for her pregnancy, she reveals that all is well – “no morning sickness and no crazy cravings.” She’s prepared for all that to change, though! “I’m sure that I’ll become crazy when the hormones decide to kick in,” she says.

Vanessa and her husband Nick Lachey happily announced last month that they’re expecting their first child.


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  1. Another idiot celebrity who thinks that giving birth makes you a mother and that you should give into every instinct.

    • I so agree with you.

      It’s wonderful thing to be a “mother’ in the realities lived by celebrities.

      Celebrities are too sheltered.

  2. Yes, parenting by instinct that is a good one. How about doing some reading or taking some classes in child development. Most first time mothers don’t have a clue and it is really overwhelming. Celebrities think they are experts on everything. Vanessa who?

  3. Vanessa says “I just wish that as a society we could just commend them for being mothers.”

    Why do people act like having a kid automatically signs you up for the medal of honor? Reproducing doesn’t make you a saint.

  4. She did not steal Nick from jessica
    I saw their Newlywed show Jessica is a child / woman Nick was more than patient living with her. there were 3 people in that marriage Jessica Papa Joe was more than meddeling
    Notice how many guys Jessica has been with and broken up with since her break up with Nick?

  5. yes, because they are such heros forgot about all the other mothers its like way harder for a celebrity (sarcasm).

  6. Oh my freaking God.

    So the woman dared to suggest that society stop degrading and hypercriticizing every single thing that mothers do and just embrace the fact that everyone parents differently…. and in response every single comment here is a putdown of her? You people are nuts.

    It IS their child. It IS their life. What EXACTLY did she say that has everyone so riled up??????

    • Oh my freaking God! Celebrity parents behave as if they are the all knowing experts on motherhood and parenting. They feel as if everyone should embrace every lame brained, haphazard, or unthought out methods of parenting they subject their children to. As for your comment, “It IS their child” it is only in the broader sense of the words. Parents are custodians of children and do not have the right to subject them to any or all of their whims. Children are individuals and shouldn’t be subjected to what you want so much as what they need (No child needs a mouthful of chewed up veggies pushed in their mouth). Parenting isn’t all instinct some common sense and educating yourself should be factored into the process. As for this idiot her kid will be raised by a nanny. I’ve noticed of the people making these comments are b-list actresses, reality freaks, and people who basically have no career other than posturing as a child care expert.

      • All knowing? I defy you to show where one person or celebrity ever suggested that they were all-knowing. These are WOMEN sharing THEIR experiences, just like everyone else. If one goes through a natural childbirth and shares that experience, does that mean they’re “all-knowing”? If one uses organic baby food, are they putting YOU down? Get over yourself.

        Not only DO parents have the right to subject their children to their “whims”, they do it ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Circumcise your son? Pierce your daughter’s ears? Choose not to vaccinate? Choose to force them into a religion? Breastfeed until they’re three? Forgo breastfeeding and give them factory formula? Don’t choose to feed them red meat? All of these are a parent’s “whims” and they have every right to do every single one of them, no matter that you or I might not.

        You have a real issue with yourself if you have already decided exactly what kind of a parent someone YOU DON’T KNOW will be.

        The comment she made was basically that people should stop criticizing every little thing parents do. I’m shaking my head at how ANYONE could disagree with that.

        • It appears as if you’re the one who has an issue with yourself. It wasn’t her statement about not criticizing, it was her other statements. You should read her stupid statements again.

  7. she will hire a nanny like the rest, not get up at night, take the baby to run errands, shopping, lunch, etc. she will be like MOST celebs and only take the baby out for photo ops or when she feels the need for some publicity.
    there are a few handson celebrity moms, but even those have nannies for help. i do not see anythign wrong w/help sometimes, but we all managed to take care of our kids, go to grocery, etc. all by ourselves !!!!
    they could not handle it. but they sure can dish out advice on parenting.

  8. I agree with her perspective. Everyone should leave everyone alone and stop judging. I am ashamed to be a woman and a mother after reading most of these posts. Oh, and, she is a Lachey!

    • You should be ashamed of yourself. Vanessa is the one who is judging and projecting her narrow minded ideas onto people. What a great simplistic way of looking at things putting women on pedestals for giving birth. She probably feels that Kris Jenner should be lauded for pimping out her children.

      • You’re nut. She said everyone should be allowed to mother in their own way? how on earth is that judging or projecting narrow minded ideas onto people.

        I think she hit a nerve with people with think it is their place to judge every single thing they see. All I can say is that I’m so glad I don’t know any of these people in real life. You must be impossible.

        • She struck a nerve with people because just as she has a right to freedom of speech others have the right to the same. You do make a point I’m glad I don’t have to come into contact with a moron like you.

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