Carrie Underwood: “It Would Be Weird” To Have A Baby Now

Country singing sensation Carrie Underwood just isn’t ready for the responsibility that comes with having a baby – period.

Ever since the 29-year old American Idol winner tied the knot with Nashville Predators hockey player Mike Fisher, 31, nearly two years ago, there has been rumors and talk about when and if the couple are going to start their family.

“We’re both so busy and it would be weird to have that much — you know, there’s another person depending on you,” she explains to E! News , claiming that she and her hubby have no plans to have a baby anytime soon.

Besides, they already have a couple of “babies” at home to take care of and that’s enough right now.

“I can leave the babies…oh crap…the dogs [Ace and Penny] at the daycare for a couple days if I have to go out of town,” she says, laughing at her slip of the tongue. “So, it’s easy.”

For the time being, Carrie and Mike are just enjoying being a happy family-of-two.

“It’s so nice to miss him, and it’s so nice to be happy every time I see him,” she comments. “We really cherish the time we have together.”

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  1. Ick. She seems like such an arrogant snob. I wonder if she feels some real or imagined rivalry with Hilary duff, who just had a baby and whose hubby is also a pro hockey player?

    • Let’s see, multi-platinum selling country star married to active hockey player versus hasn’t done anything in years former disney chick with a husband who doesn’t play anymore because no team would pick him up. Yeah, I can see where Underwood would be overcome with jealousy.

  2. I understand that she is probably constantly questioned about having a baby. Just say no comment the next time. We totally get it you don’t want a child now.

    • So true. What I don’t get is why this site keeps posting interviews about a celeb saying they’re not having babies yet. Uh, okay. Do wedding sites post interview with celebs who say they’re not getting married?

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