Happy 4th Birthday Ignatius Upton!

Name: Ignatius ‘Iggy’ Martin Upton

Date of Birth: April 13, 2008

Parents: Cate Blanchett & Andrew Upton

Siblings: Dashiell, 10, & Roman, nearly 8


  • Iggy was born in Sydney, Australia
  • He weighed just over 8 lbs. at birth
  • His father is a screen writer & his mother is an actress
  • Iggy has been known to chum around with Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness‘s children Oscar and Ava as well as Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer‘s sons Charlie and Tennyson


“You’ve just got to present it to them and they take what they take. It’s important to me that it doesn’t feel like a family business to them. So that they have a life that’s not continually centered around what we do.” – Cate on teaching her boys about theater.

“It toughens you up and makes you more pragmatic, yet at the same time it turns you into a bowl of mush. You see a child in distress or a puppy waiting to cross the street and you just want to weep. Maybe that mix is good for an actor. I guess the great thing is that it increases your ability to switch on and off. The work is no longer the only thing in your life. Other things count – and count more.” – Cate on motherhood.

“Anyone with children will tell you the same thing. Starting out as single women, our first questions about any job are, ‘What kind of role is it?’ and ‘Who will I be working with?’. But as soon as we have kids, we find ourselves asking, ‘How long’s the shoot?’ and ‘Can it be done in the school holidays?’ Suddenly, your attitude becomes very pragmatic. It has to, because shifting your household to another hemisphere is a major upheaval and there has to be a pretty compelling reason for you to do it.” – Cate on planning her work around her family.

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