Roselyn Sánchez Reveals Daughter’s Posh Nursery

Proud new parents Roselyn Sánchez, 39, and Eric Winter, 35, give Life & Style an exclusive look at their newborn daughter Sebella Rose and her posh nursery.

Roselyn admits she’s grown even closer with her husband since welcoming their first child on January 4. “Everything has changed. We definitely have gotten closer,” the former Without a Trace star says. “It’s mind-blowing,” adds Eric, who stars on GCB. “You really gain a level of respect for each other that’s unparalleled.”

Baby Sebella’s luxurious nursery designed by Tiffany Harris, owner of Layla Grace, is filled with furniture from the Art for Kids Collection and pink, girlie accents.

She has a feisty personality,” Roselyn says about her gorgeous girl, dressed in a pink tutu and headband. “She’s not the kind of baby that will just eat and sleep.”

And the happy couple admit they’re already thinking about baby No. 2! “We’ve talked about having another one and then adopting,” Roselyn shares.

For more exclusive photos, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.


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  1. What a dull and overstuffed nursery! There are no bright colours at all. Replace the cot with a regular bed and it looks like a fancy old people’s nursery room.

  2. So obnoxious. Why would anyone need a nursery like that. Superfluous. Ostentatious. Unnecessary. Just wait until that kid has explosive diarrhea up her back that drips all over that nursery. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spend it.

  3. I read the full article and get the feeling they are having a hard time adjusting to being new parents. Sounds like their little girl is a handful.

  4. I always laugh when I see these elaborate nurseries that celebs have for their babies. Honestly, the babies can care less if they have a $5000 crib with matching $2000 drapes!! Ridiculous.

  5. I feel pity for each one who writes negative comments, I understand that it is their right to post their negative energy! I know that a first child or any child deserves everything the parents want to provide! I also know that a nursery decor brings joy to the parents and that the first months and thru the baby first year the nursery is one that parents enjoy and then later change to suit the growing child. Nursery are dreams each parent has to welcome their child and the parent wants to enjoy the room and being beautiful does not mean it is not practical.

  6. If you have the money and want to do this, then go for it. Parents only have a short window of opportunity to do it their way before the child steps in with his choices. Why have money if after your obligations are taken care of, you’ve set some back for the future, if you don’t spend it and enjoy it.

  7. They are my cousin and cousin in law. They are Very Concious of their money. This is their First Child and they love her Sooo Much why Not give Sebella everything just short of the moon! She’s a Very Happy Baby. And they are normal people just like you and I so it will take them a little bit to become experienced parents! However they are doing a wonderful Job!

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