Sarah Jessica Parker & Twins: Preschool Pickup

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker did the preschool pickup with her 2-year-old twins in New York City on Friday (April 13). Mom carried Loretta, while Tabitha pointed and walked on their way home.

Earlier this week, we spotted the actress and her 9-year-old son James Wilkie walking to class.

Reportedly, SJP and the kids are preparing themselves for their impending move to Brooklyn with papa Matthew Broderick. A source says the couple are close to finalizing on a contract to buy adjacent townhouses in the city’s most exclusive neighbourhood.

“They loved the West Village but wanted something more private, laid-back and discreet,” an insider said.

The two properties knocked together will turn it into a spacious 7,000 square foot home with a huge garden in the backyard.


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  1. Could be possible that jessica dress her daughters better?? she is SO in fashion that I couldn´t explain the horrible combination of sandals and socks. Dear if u put sandals on ur girl KEEP JUST THE SANDALS forget the socks, or if the weather in NYC is a little bit cold yet, well use boots or flats with some nice tights in ONE COLOR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! learn from the old suri cruise when she lived on NYC.

    • There’s nothing wrong with what they are wearing. I think they look adorable in their outfits but that is just my opinion.

    • Why does what they are wearing upset you so much? You do understand that it doesn’t hurt them and doesn’t personally affect you, right? And why do you call her “Jessica”?

    • I like her interesting way of dressing her girls. It looks fun. No one needs fashion police for little children, unless they are not appropriately dressed for the weather. And Suri isn’t necessarily what I would call a fashionista to be copied.

  2. Natalia, you comment is so true! Everytime I see the twins I can’t believe they’re SJP’s daughters… I mean, can’t she afford better looking clothes? maybe she could talk to Jessica Alba or Victoria Beckham and ask them where do they buy their kids clothes

    • maybe, just maybe SJP or Jen Garner don’t give a crap about their kids’ outfits like Victoria B. or Jessica Alba do. Alba and Beckham are stuck up women and I admire the SJP or Garner better….

    • Why would she need to talk to anyone else about her kids’ clothes? Has she indicated that *she* has a problem with what they’re wearing? Why would she care what some irrelevant internet troll like you thinks?

  3. Her daughter is pointing to her own private nanny!Saran tends to favor the one inhere arms. Just like Jess Alba likes to favorite daughter! Jess it is Haven
    And Sarah it is Loretta.

    • Maybe one prefers to walk. Or one prefers to be carried. Maybe one is a runner and needs carried. You cannot tell a preference from occasional pictures.

      As for Jessica Alba, doesn’t it make more sense to carry Haven? Haven doesn’t walk and is lighter!

  4. as to fashion sense Sarah Jessica Parker when on a show or promoting something or on the red carpet is dressed to the 9’s
    her children are dressed regular It used to make me laugh when you would see ( before the twins came ) her son James dressed in High water pants, that short pants not untill now do I see the poor boy is not dressed in hand me downs. SJP came out in an interview and said she did indeed dress her son in hand me Downs clothes handed down by her numerous siblings despite the wealth she got something like $ 30 million for an Old Navy commercial SJP as a child was on welfare and still has that mentally of making do

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