Padma Lakshmi & Krishna: Big Apple Shoppers

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi was snapped enjoying a day of shopping with her 2-year-old daughter Krishna in New York City on Saturday.

The India-born beauty toted her tot as the pair made their way through the Big Apple streets. It looks like little Krishna is sporting a new – and very short- hairstyle these days.

Padma and Krishna’s father Adam Dell have finally come to a resolution regarding their bitter custody battle over their 2-year-old daughter.

Although the venture capitalist accused his ex of trying “to minimize, if not eliminate, [his] role in Krishna’s life,” he is now succesfully recognized as Krishna’s father.

Krishna’s full name will now be Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell.

“Padma basically said it was fine to add his name, but she retains all decision-making power, which is really what matters most to her,” a source close to Padma reveals. “She makes all the decisions on education, health, everything.”


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  1. Oh my goodness, why did she cut all her daughter’s hair off? It was beautiful! I hope her little girl isn’t sick or something.

  2. FYI- In Hindu tradition the first hair cut is a full shave of head as hair from birth can be associated with bad traits from past lives. so head shaving ceremony (most people I know do when kid is around 2) is a sort of a spiritual cleansing and fresh start as per their traditions.

    • Thanks for the info! It makes perfect sense that she did the ritual on Krishna. Thankfully her hair will grow back, I’m not a fan of short hair on girls, but she is still a pretty baby!

    • If she’s so into Indian culture, why doesn’t she ever date, or have babies with rich Indian men instead of only rich white men? I wonder if beautiful Krishna’s dad had any say in the matter. Or if he agreed to the childs Indian name.

      • So, in order to keep my British culture, I’d have to be married to a British man? So, ’cause I married an American man, I have no right to follow my country’s traditions and rituals with my kids? Plus, Padma had ONE baby with ONE white man. She didn’t have ‘babies’ with ‘rich white men’. Ok, back to your cave now.

        • Let’s not forget that she blamed Krishna on the much older 70 year old Rich White man to get an inheritance…he died and the Dell man exposed her for sleeping with him during that time. And his fight to be in his childs life! So yes she does have questionable traditional standards that suit her for her wacky personality. She’s the same person who is giving Krishna’s dad a hard time for name recognition. In Kanye’s voice “She ain’t messing with no Broke…)

  3. Beautiful little girl- is there a reason her hair is so short aside from the possibility her mother keeps it that way? Maybe just growing slowly? That was by no means meant as an insult- just curious!

  4. Oh my god how could she do that? That child was so pretty with her hair! Is she trying to make her kid look not so much like her Dad? Or more like her? Geez. Awful.

    • Wow. Just wow. For all you know, this kid is sick and had to have her head shaved. But by all means, go ahead and be the sort of freaking idiot who would talk about how awful this girl looks.

  5. I don’t even like hair that short on boys, so I’m not digging the look! That baby was so beautiful last time I saw her!

  6. The last time I saw her I thought she was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen. Now, I’m not so sure. Padma shouldn’t cut her hair that short… But, her kid, her choice.

  7. A website completely full of crazy people. Telling this girl is ugly? Maybe you should look further than your own neighborhood or family. They do this for their believe.

  8. “In Hindu tradition the first hair cut is a full shave of head as hair from birth can be associated with bad traits from past lives. so head shaving ceremony (most people I know do when kid is around 2) is a sort of a spiritual cleansing and fresh start as per their traditions.”~NYCMOMMY

  9. it is a tradition with children from India or Hindu background. Children around 2years of age have their head shaved, its a really big deal and I think the whole family is involved. Maybe do some research before assuming she did it for kicks!

    • I wouldnt assume that the people are young I ‘m in my 20’s in I know exactly why she cut her daughter hair. Im not India or Hindu but I’ve seen a lot of India and Hindu little girls with he same hair stlye I google it and found out why and never thought it took away from the child cuteness.

      Those people are just ignorant and closed minded that can’t think outside the box they live in. They didn’t bother to read the other comment or to look it up and see if their was a reason behind her new do. Anyway I still thinks she looks cute I’m not see the big deal that these people are making it out to be.

      knowledge is power people!!!!

  10. Well, I’m glad there is an explanation for the short hair. Now she can grow it out. The girl looks exactly like her father, Adam Dell.

  11. Hair or no hair, that is still one gorgeous little baby.. Maybe the main pic isn’t the best angle, but in the others you can clearly see what a sweet face she has!

  12. Seriously people, it is just hair. It will grow back. She is an adorable little girl with or without hair. There is a tradition in most Asian culture when there are changes in life many will cut their hair to symbolism a new start.

  13. ok the picture they used to lure us in is was just that… not the best but click thru the rest of them! look at her little face! shes still a beautiful baby with a shaved head. let me shave your head and how pretty will you be!? shame on yall picking on her. yall are the ugly ones with those comments

  14. Hindu is not her only culture she has an Anglo culture s well that should be respected. The child is only half South East Asian afterall.

    • So? It’s not ‘offending’ her Anglo culture… except you lot who can’t stand it when parents aren’t obsessively gender stereotyping their children.

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