Did Jessica Simpson Schedule A C-section?

Jessica Simpson, 31, is getting ready to welcome her first child, daughter Maxi, any day now. But the normally bubbly Fashion Star mentor has reportedly been hit with pangs of panic in the days leading up to the birth, In Touch reports. “The thought of going into labor scared the bejeezus out of her,” says a pal. “She was so anxious, she was even breaking into cold sweats at night.”

So after weeks of worry, Jess chose to schedule a C-section. “She desperately wanted to experience the joy of a natural birth, but decided to go with what made the most sense for her,” the friend reveals.

Though she had reportedly prepared for labor — with a doctor on call 24/7, a live-in nurse at her Beverly Hills mansion and a $500,000 birthing suite reserved at LA’s elite Cedars-Sinai Medical Center — Jessica was so fearful about a natural birth, she went ahead with plans for the major surgery. “Jessica has no tolerance for pain,” the friend admits.“ She even turned to hypnotherapy to calm her fears about it, but nothing was working.”

But it sounds like fiancé Eric Johnson, 32, is helping to calm her nerves.

“Eric is a calming force for Jessica,” the friend continues. And to celebrate the birth of baby Maxi, Eric surprised Jessica with a pricey piece of jewelry (paid for by Jessica!). “Eric is so excited about the birth,” the friend adds.

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  1. um in Jessica’s case it’s for medical reasons not vanity we do want her and Eric’s daughter to be born safely don’t we

  2. I doubt this is legit but ‘she was even breaking into cold sweats at night’ – really? That’s SO awful. I suffer from a panic disorder, and this is bordering in laughable.

    • What a joke! Give me a break Jessica- she better get used to life not being only about HER anymore, maybe thats why she’s panicky???

  3. Excuse me but a c-section is also a joyous birth experience…you are welcoming your precious child into the world! And sorry Jess but a c-section is painful in its own way. Oh and pleeeease don’t name a girl Maxi…she will be teased like crazy (Maxi Pad anyone?!)

    • SO agree with the Maxi Pad comment. And the full name, Maxwell, isn’t that a boys name?? The poor little girl can’t win. What is wrong with parents that they cannot figure these things out, when all of us readers can.

    • SO agree with the Maxi Pad comment. And the full name, Maxwell, isn’t that a boys name?? The poor little girl can’t win. What is wrong with parents that they cannot figure these things out, when all of us readers can.

  4. She’s been said that she was having a csection due to a medical issue so way to get it wrong again guys!

  5. A non-emergency C-Section is very controlled, very safe, and there is usually less recovery time than when an emergency C is preformed (because they have more time and don’t have to cut as much). I had one due to a high-risk pregnancy and it couldn’t have gone more beautifully! I was up and about in about 3-4 days. And honestly, with all of the weight she has gained, a baby that large has much more chance of being injured during a vag birth than with a scheduled C. I personally think this is probably the best choice for Jess, and the safest delivery option for the baby. Good luck to them!

    • Just because she has gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean the baby is big. My sister gained 50lbs with her son and he weighed 6lbs 14oz.

  6. It’s her birth, her deal, nobody else’s. I just hope she doesn’t name her little girl Maxi. That is just too horrible. “Hey, Maxi-Pad!”

  7. I still believe she has more than ONE baby in there. I think she has twins and has been keeping it a secret. She is just so big. She honestly looks like someone who is carrying triplets.

    • She’s so big because she ate deep-fried twinkies her whole pregnancy and now she’s about 60 pounds overweight. Unless she has a baby in her ass and one in each thigh, there’s just one baby and a lot of fat in there.

  8. You are right! I had the SAME experience! C-Sections are NOT easier! She is nothing more than spoiled and impatient, as alot of “stars” are. They can not imagine putting ANYONE including their baby before their own stupid plans to wear high heels!

  9. Not necessarily. My first son was born via c-section after 17 hours of non-progressing labor and my recovery was pretty tough, I remember some tears. My second son was born in December via scheduled c-section (some health issues) and it was like night and day. Barely any pain after 3 days and I was getting up and down easily in the same amount of time. Everyone is different!

  10. How do we know if this is even true? Mags are always making crap up. This whole story is ridiculous and doesn’t sound like anything someone who is pregnant would say, including Jessica Simpson. Having a C-section is major surgery and involves some pain during recovery, which her doctor would have explained to her. It’s not pain free! If she is having a scheduled C-sec, it’s probably for medical reasons as others have pointed out.

  11. I said it before and I’ll say it again it’s for medical reasons she’s carrying excess amniotic fluid don’t be so ough on her she’s not over weight she was 120 when she conceived because of palnning her wedding and has gained about 60lbs in the 8.5 months of her pregnancy normal for a first pregnancy especially with complications. as for the name Maxwell it’s Eric’s middle name so it’s honoring him it’s like if Claire Newman and her husband were to adopt a baby girl and Name her Joanne Elizabeth after Claire’s mom Joanne Woodward & family friend Elizabeth Taylor nobody would bat an eyelash.

    • But planning call her Maxi is just plain sad. She’s a girl, named Maxi who will someday have her period. It’s borderline abusive lol

    • You do know that she said she gained 60 pounds when she was around 6 or 7 months pregnant right? You don’t think she has gained a pound since then?

    • Do you honestly believe she weighed 120 when she got pregnant? If so you need glasses, among other things.

  12. the funniest thing about this article was the “pricey jewelry” (paid for by jessica) that she got from her fiance!!!! talk about marrying and getting knocked out by a loser!!!!

  13. Even if she has a c section, there’s nothing wrong with that. I had an unmedicated natural birth 7 weeks ago with my first child and I wanted drugs but my epidural failed. My baby was almost 10 lbs. It has taken me weeks to recover. I’m still in pain, still sore, still very beat up so honestly? If I have a second, I may schedule a c section too. I never thought I’d ever say that but after a very difficult natural birth, I dont think I want to go through this long recovery time again. Also, I gained 60 lbs while pregnant. I ate well and took care of myself with occasional indulging and my body just held a ton of water like Jessica. I lost 40 lbs, ALL WATER, in 4 weeks. Stop judging Jessica so harsh. She’s not that unusual. And unless you’ve had a baby, don’t EVER criticize a pregnant woman’s appearance. Some women just have tough pregnancies. On another note, I hope she doesn’t call the kid Maxi. Max is cute, Maxwell… but NOT Maxi!

  14. I’m confused. Has she HAD the c-section… or is she PLANNING the c-section. This article doesn’t spell out which one. I think it is because they don’t know.

  15. I wish Jessica all the best, regardless of the type of birth she chooses with her doctor. I had an awful ‘natural birth’ – 3 days in labor and had so many stitches that the freezing had worn out before the doctor could finish the job. I think a c-section would have been better. All the best, Jessica : )

  16. im sure she HAD a c-section because her fat arse gained so much weight she couldn’t push the baby out succesfully. I’ve had a natural birth and a c-section and anyone will tell you, c-section is MUCH more painful and the healing process is PURE torture! what an idiot

  17. No matter whether convenience, fear or medically necessary, the risks for mothe and baby are higher for cesareans. I blame the medical profession for making “elective” non-medically indicated C/S even available. It is easier and better use of THEIR time for the doctor. Insurance shouldn’t pay for it unless their is a true medical reason (they don’t pay for cosmetic surgery, do they?). Of course, that would not stop Ms Simpson but for most women it would. C/S cosst well over $10,000.

  18. OMG did she think a C-section is pain free?!? What a fool!!! She will actually be in worse off pain come the next few days. It’s one thing if a c-section is emergency or necessary but to opt for it because you can’t “tolerate pain” is crazy — it’s super painful!! Duh!

  19. Its her birth, her baby and her life, there is nothing wrong with a c-section, just because she wont go through hours of labor does not make her an idiot. But the name Maxi just doesn’t suit any girl, to each is their own I guess.

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