Jessica Alba: Good Times In Tokyo

It looks like Jessica Alba and her family sure are making the most of their time in Tokyo!

The mother-of-two – who arrived in Tokyo on Saturday (April 14) to help promote the opening of the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in the trendy Harajuku district- posted this cute family picture of her herself, her hubby Cash Warren and the couple’s two daughter Honor, 3, and 8-month-old Haven enjoying Disneyland in Tokyo.

“tokyodisneyland -thx for the memories!” Jessica wrote on her Twitter page.


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  1. Beautiful photo And sweet family…the little one is adorable!anyway, none think that the children should have stayed home?she talks about the dangers of chemical products And than she brings her daughters to japan one year after a nuclear disaster?

  2. I agree Japan may not be the best place to bring children at this time. I work for a Japanese company in NYC and I have heard sad stories about what they are still facing over there. Most Japanese send their kids to school with radiation monitors and have them in their homes as well. Some many were purchased that they sold out the Japan’s supply and much of the world’s supply.

  3. Radiations are dangerous and may even be more dangerous on parents are both radiologist and told me many times.
    I think she should have left the children home, none of us knows what is still happening in japan right now.

  4. Seriously people. Fear will stop you from living your life, I’m sure she had assistance planning the children and asked questions.

    • Generally speaking i agree with you,but the issue right now is health!
      She is the founder of the honest company that aims to protect children from carcinogenic, mutagenic, allergenic, harmful, or toxic components.
      I know it’s her choiche and her children but I find it a little bit strange too.

      • So you think she goes through all the trouble to PRETEND she’s concerned about those things?

        Isn’t it more likely that she did her own research? Asked her own questions? And made the decision that it was safe for them?

        • there is no need to ask questions or do research. it’s dangerous in too many ways.
          i don’t think she (or you) ever worked in a nuclear implant. to me this is such an hypocritical behaviour.
          ????Looking for a SAFER solution???? HOME

  5. Lakesha, Speaking for myself personally I did not write my comment from FEAR but from personal knowledge and reading that I have done about last years disaster in Japan as it is personally relevant to me and my career.

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