New Girl Star Max Greenfield Is A Proud Papa

Most parents think their kids are pretty amazing, and New Girl star Max Greenfield is no exception!

The 31-year-old actor was happy to gush about his 2-year-old daughter Ava‘s major milestones, telling US, “It is crazy… it’s our first kid, and all of a sudden, she identifies letters as what they are, and you go, ‘This kid is a genius – she’s obviously some sort of savant!”

Max says that his toddler has already caught on to the fact that he’s famous, though he jokes, “That can’t be good. The odds of her being a well-adjusted human being are low.”

“There’s a [New Girl] billboard when [we’re driving to work],” he explains. “She’ll see it and say, ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ and then she’ll open up a magazine and say, ‘I don’t understand why Dad is not in this magazine!'”

With his show enjoying big success, Max already has plans for their summer hiatus: “I’m going to be Dad and just chill out. We’ll go to the park. Lily likes running errands,” he explains. “She likes to be an active participant… she thinks she’s an adult. She’s of of those!”

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    • The original US article (not properly linked above, but it’s easy to find) says Lily, as quoted (presumably the guy knows his own daughter’s name), not Ava. This site made a mistake and said her name was Ava for some unknown reason.

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