Vanessa Lachey: “I Want To Safeguard The Future For My Baby”

Vanessa Lachey is trying to think green in an effort to protect the health of her unborn baby. The model mama-to-be – who is expecting her first child with hubby Nick Lachey later this year – has decided to alter her current lifestyle so her newborn child will have the chance to thrive in the healthiest environment possible.

“I definitely want to safeguard the future for my baby,” Vanessa reveals to E!Online. “I want to be health conscious for the baby.”

I’m learning about Bpa (Bisphenol A) friendly bottles. A couple have been sent to me and it’s great to understand that when plastics are heated, all the toxins (come out). And even food. Things that are pumped with hormones. You actually, physically see the changes in a 13-year-old girl that was eating hormone food and a 13-year-old girl that was eating organic.”

Speaking of eating, the 31-year-old television host is also doing her due diligence to put healthful foods into her body.

“I’m just trying to eat constantly and be aware of what I’m putting in my body and to maintain my caloric intake,” she says. “The only gift I can give my baby right now is what I put in my mouth and how I am health-conscious about trying to stay active.”

“I’m not going throw caution to the wind,” she continues. “[My baby] is actually developing and growing. I think about everything I eat and drink.”

Vanessa isn’t to only celebrity mama to go green for her children. Jessica Alba recently launched The Honest Company which sells toxic-free baby products.

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  1. omg here we go. a woman who has not been in the public/news in months, now is pregnant and in the news daily. she is going to milk it for all it is worth !!!

    • You do realize the problem isn’t her, right?

      She did an interview and this site will post it piece by piece for days, making it seem like this is all she talks about all day every day. This is site also famous for posting new photos, with old quotes and interview snippets.

      • This is site also famous for posting new photos, with old quotes and interview snippets.
        and old/stale-dated photos, with old quotes and interview snippets!!

  2. while i’m happy for her and nick i can’t get over how she likes to stuff herself down our throats like she’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

  3. Toni Parker PhD
    The importance of this article to me is that she is thinking about her health, her baby’s health and how what she puts into her body has an impact on her child. We all need to be conscious about the products we use, foods we eat and I commend her for living a conscious lifestyle. Lets hope this continues and is not just a quick trick to get some attention.

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