Nicole Sullivan On Maintaining Weight Loss: “It’s All About Portion Control”

Actress and Jenny Brand Ambassador Nicole Sullivan is one busy mama! While keeping up with her “hilarious” sons Dash, 5 next month, and Beckett, 2 1/2, Nicole continues to maintain her 35 pound weight loss with portion control and healthy lifestyle choices.

The $#*! My Dad Says star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about running a half-marathon in New York City, maintaining her weight loss, and her thoughts on our “positive” website and high-profile mama Jennifer Garner: “I want to be reincarnated as her child,” she jokes.

CBS: Congrats again on losing 35 pounds on the Jenny eating plan! How do you maintain your weight loss?

NS: “Here’s the secret: I know how to maintain portion control at this point! Jenny taught me that I can eat whatever I want. Literally, I ate pizza last night and some for breakfast! But, I only eat small pieces of it – I don’t go crazy anymore. And if I have a bad couple of days, I balance that with a little bit more exercise. And if things go nuts and I gain 3 or 4 pounds, I do Jenny for a week or two and it’s gone.

That’s the Jenny plan! You use it everyday until you get half-way to your goal, and then you start weaning it out a little bit. And then by the time you get to maintenance, theoretically, you don’t have to eat any Jenny meals at all. But I do because it’s easier. When I’m having a crazy day with a million things to do, grabbing my three Jenny meals for the day, plus my fresh fruits and vegetables, is so much easier than me trying to figure out what to eat at craft service or what to order from a menu. This is easier for me, but you don’t have to do it this way. Jenny food is the key to getting you started. It’s all about learning what are healthy portion controls.

And even at the beginning of the Jenny plan, you’re still adding in all your own fruits and vegetables. For me I did organic since I buy organic for my kids. I really feel this made me healthier than ever. The amount of fruits and vegetables that I eat now is 4-times the amount of vegetables I used to eat.

And my husband lost 20 pounds on Jenny diet as well!

For me, I really thought it was my God-given right as a celebrity for the baby weight to magically disappear after having my first child, and it didn’t. I realized I needed help after my second child. I needed to learn how to eat and take care of myself. For me, it really worked and I needed the help.”

CBS: Do you feel stronger and healthier than ever?

NS: “I’m about to run a half-marathon! Literally, I had not run more than a mile since I was a teenager. I feel great! Obviously weighing less makes it easier to run, but it’s more than that. It’s the fact that I eat vegetables every day, it’s the fact that I don’t eat junk food as much. I still do though. I’ll still wander by Taco Bell every now and again – I’m not a crazy person! But my body is a much better machine at this point.”

CBS: I’m still eating the Easter Bunny treats! How do you maintain over the holidays?

NS: “Easter is actually my biggest one because we always have a huge party. And when I say there’s tons of candy, I’m not exaggerating! My rule now is: it stays in the house for two days and after that we throw it away or give it away. And then it’s out of the house! There’s no sense in pretending you’re not interested in it. Of course you are – chocolate is good! The kids are allowed to keep a few things, but otherwise it’s just best to get it out of the house!”

CBS: Tell us about the NYC marathon.

NS: “It’s a half-marathon in New York City. I’m running for Jenny Craig and also The American Heart Association. One of the things we keep saying is, ‘It’s your heart, it’s your life.’ Being 41, it really means a lot to me that I’m staying healthier because it means I’m going to live longer. I have kids, and I have to live longer for them. The thought of leaving them at a young age is just heartbreaking. This is not just about being thin, it’s to make sure I’m around!”

CBS: How are your boys doing? What are they into? Do they get along?

NS: “They’re fabulous! The love superheroes and Star Wars, of course! Also Beyblades, which are basically like spinning tops. And Pokémon is something that is new in our house.

They are hilarious! Let’s be honest, it’s all about the older one manipulating the younger one into doing what he wants. The younger one is really just a chess piece for him. But they have a great time playing swords and all that.

It’s nonsense because the rules in my house are so crazy: you’re not allowed to scream directly at the dog, you can hug the dog but not too hard, you can touch the dog but don’t pull it’s leg, you can play but not on the stairs, you can jump off the couch but not off the table!”

CBS: How do celebrity moms like yourself really feel about celebrity blogs like ours? Do you feel like we’re fueling the paparazzi?

NS: “I have a different experience because it’s not like I’m Angelina Jolie and can’t even leave my house without someone yelling my child’s name. If I bring my kids to an event and they call their names to look at the camera, it’s a little confusing for them. But we only do that for about 30 seconds, we walk away, and everyone’s fine. And as far as the paparazzi goes, my boys still don’t notice if someone is taking their picture.

So I don’t know what it’s like for someone who’s really in the thick of it. But I can say that I love your website! I think you guys are awesome! Yours is the only one I subscribe to on my Twitter. I think all your stuff is so positive and so fun.”

CBS: What about celebrity moms like Jennifer Garner who are constantly posted on our website?

NS: “I actually just saw Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck last weekend. Honestly just looking at your photos of them, I want to be reincarnated as her child. She seems like the nicest mother! If the paparazzi followed me as much as they follow her, I don’t think I’d be smiling nearly as much as she does! She looks happy most of the time! Who doesn’t love her? I think she’s lovely and her children are as well. And honestly, I think it’s positive to be showing people like Jennifer having fun with their kids. It’s a great thing!”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

NS: “I have a Disney movie called Let it Shine is coming out in June. It’s a kids musical, but no I don’t sing or dance thank goodness! It’s a lot of fun and I imagine a lot of teens are going to like it. And I just shot a movie up in Victoria, Canada called Jack Hammer. And there’s some more stuff in the works with Nickelodeon.”

CBS: Tell us about partnering with March Of Dimes.

NS: “I walk with the March Of Dimes because I LIVED with the march of dimes website when I was preggo. They brought me through both my pregnancies with information on their website that I found NO WHERE else. I believe they make this world a better, healthier place.”

Nicole will help lead the Los Angeles March for Babies walk in Exposition Park on Saturday, April 28th. March for Babies takes place in more than 900 communities across the nation the end of April and early May. March of Dimes largest fundraising event, March for Babies raises critical funds to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. To sign up and walk for a baby you love, go to


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  1. I found a product called Fullbar to help me with my portion control. I eat a bar before a meal or for a snack and I end up eating about half of my regular meal. It’s helped me lose 20 lbs so far and I’m still going. Best of all, its not a diet so I don’t feel deprived.

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