Gisele Bündchen & Her Boston Boys

Supermodel mama Gisele Bündchen was spotted with husband Tom Brady and their adorable son Benjamin, 2, in Boston, Mass. on Saturday (April 21). The ‘Brady Bündch’ were in town for the Fenway Park 100th anniversary celebration on Friday, as well as the opening of Rag & Bone on Newbury Street.

Later that same day, the family-of-three were seen arriving into Los Angeles International Airport just in time for Earth Day celebrations on Sunday. The NFL star and the Brazilian beauty made their way through the busy terminal as Benjamin sat back and soothed on a pacifier.

On Friday, it was announced that Gisele’s 5-year-old niece Duda is launching her own fashion line called Duda Bündchen for Brandili Mundi.

“Since she is just 5, she’s not a fashion designer,” Gisele‘s sister Raquel told The Daily Beast. “But she told the Brandili team her preferences about pieces of clothes, colors, and things she likes.”


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  1. ok really the eye comment is beyond ignorant! both me and my husband have brown eyes and guess what we have a blue eyed baby! whoa lol! so dumb. shes a super model for a reason and the baby is gorgeous. your on the wrong site its called

    • I think that situation is different, because blue is recessive and both of you guys probably have the blue gene even though the brown was dominant. So you each passed your blue gene, if either one of you had passed on your brown gene your child would have brown.
      I don’t understand how blue-eyed parents can have a brown eyed child though, although I don’t know all the details of how it works.
      We both have brown eyes too and my daughter who is just turninig 2 still has blue. I think they could still change though.

  2. Actually since brown eyes is the dominant trait, it should be close to impossible to have two blue eyed parents having a brown eyed baby, since the fact that they show blue eyes in their phenotype means that they don’t have the gene for brown eyes in their genotype. So it would therefore generally be extremely unlikely for two blue eyed parents would be able to have a brown eyed child, unless there was a question of paternity…

    However, it is fairly common and very possible for two parents that have brown eyes to have a blue eyed child, because they could both be hiding the gene for blue eyes under the brown eyed dominant gene. As long as one parent isn’t heterozygous for brown eyes, there is potentially a 50% chance to have a brown eyed or blue eyed child.

    In this case, honestly, I think that either Benjamin has dark blue eyes and we’ve never gotten close enough to see, or Tom or Giselle actually has green eyes. Green eyes are a lack of pigment — which is the result of a gene mutation, so the colour expressed is not in the gene map. So, if one of the parents was supposed to have brown eyes, but got green, then they would still probably pass on brown eyes to their child. Grey is also a lack of pigment that would be inherited similarly to blue eyes.

    Anyway hope this helped. 🙂

    • Very cool! I have green eyes and did not know it’s due to lack of pigment. You learn something new everyday, even on a celeb baby site. 😉

    • Thank you! I should have read your comment before I posted my questions above. (I’m not the original poster but I replied to others).
      I always thought 2 blue-eyed parents couldn’t have a brown-eyed kid.
      But I didn’t know about the green eye thing. My daughter’s are bule/grey but if you look closely there’s a little brown around the pupil. They’ve stayed that way for over a year now so maybe they won’t keep changing.

  3. Very interesting comment, Rebecca.

    I’m not so busy so I went to search for pictures of close family members of Tom and Gisele. There’s too much diversity in their families when it comes to their eyes colors. Brown, blue, green and gray eyes. An example: Gisele has five sisters and they all look so different compared to each other.
    Tom’s eyes are blue with sure. Gisele’s eyes look very light green in the huge majority of pictures taken naturally so I guess her eyes are green and her eyes color could have being changed by photoshop in her boundless work portfolio.

    I think people who question Tom’s paternity are mentally sick.

  4. can I just add that I’ve seen living proof of unexplainable genetics as My mom,My dad and myself all have green eyes. I have dark sandy blonde hair with green eyes, while both of my parents have medium brown hair. The kicker; my older sister has almost jet black hair and dark brown eyes with dark eyebrows. Its very possible, LOL. We are Italian and just assume she got all the dominant Italian genes somewhere down the line. So from someone’s blatant (and imo) ignorant insinuations should I go tell my sister who has identical facial features as all of us just with different coloring, she should go get a paternity test?

  5. Don’t mind the rude posters who say mean things. They are from the Boston Herald where they slander,stalk, and attack the Brady’s on a daily basis. You can always tell when you see one of them on another site making their daily ritual of traveling from site to site bashing the Brady’s as a sick, twisted part of their daily existence. IMO the Brady’s should throw a law suit towards the Boston media and its minions. but I doubt the Brady’s even know they exist to do such a thing.

  6. Also I was a baby born with blue eyes and dark brown hair (sometimes I cant believe how different I looked as a baby!) but around 1.5/2 yrs old my hair started to reverse and go lighter. By age two I was a full blown blondie with green eyes! So maybe people need to not think so black or white on this issue. Typically you are born either dark haired or light haired, but there are exceptions. Me being a brunette baby but a blonde child sorry I cant explain it but it just happened that way.

  7. I love how private they’ve kept him! He was just a baby it seems and now hes so grown! I guess because Gisele doesn’t show him off every second she gets. heck she doesn’t even post his photos on her twitter or facebook like some model moms do. And I respect she didn’t do the cliche/attention seeking tabloid “show my baby to the world” covershoot, just for a huge paycheck. I respect it and find that refreshing. There is one model mom who tweets a new picture of her daughter just about everyday. Its not even a sacred thing to her.

    • Sorry but she did do the (cliche/attention seeking tabloid “show my baby to the world” covershoot, just for a huge paycheck)

      Gisele and Benjamin were both in and on the cover of Vocue magazine when he was born. google it and you will find those and many other pictuer of Ben as he grown but I will agree for the most part they do try to keep him from being photograph and she dosen’t post pic of him on twitter which I think is a good thing.

      • Hi
        You’re wrong about the cover of Vogue. Gisele’s picture with Ben is part of an editorial Vogue magazine published in 2010.
        Gisele never appeared in the cover of a magazine with Ben (officially), there are magazines which published pictures of them both on their covers but they were taken by paparazzies, supoposedly Gisele has nothing to do it (Yeah, sound so true). If Gisele didn’t really like to see her son’s face plastered on magazines she would have lawsuit them and she would never bring out him out of their home because people want to see him.
        All the pictures we see of Gisele with Ben come from paparazzies and from people who were present at the same place and time.

        • Isen’t the point that Gisele still got a huge paycheck from Vogue showing her baby to the world in a photo shot?

          • Every model gets well paid when they appear on Vogue. But Gisele earns much more because of her status and the picture with Ben I’ve no idea how much it costed for Vogue, it is part of an editorial there were other pictures beside this one including one of Gisele pregnant. Ben just shows his back to the camera and naked safely holded in his mother’s arms (wow, controversy). His face doesn’t appear in any moment in the magazine. But Ben’s face appears in some tabloid/variety magazines in their covers taken by paparazzies.

  8. He’s two years old and STILL sucking on a pacifier! Way to go, Gisele! Your kids unhappy so you just shove a paci in his mouth! It is well known, that doctors strongly recommend that parents take away their kids paci by six months. It is bad for their tongue and mouth development and can cause speech delays!

    • You’re right! She’s an unfit mother! Off with her head!

      (And let’s forget that the kid has a FATHER who would be equally responsible for the pacifier)

  9. You are right! They both are idiots! But for all the preaching Gisele does about knowing what is best for babies, she sure has no clue about this!

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