Roselyn Sanchez Shops With Sebella

New mom Roselyn Sanchez was all smiles as she cradled her darling girl Sebella while at the farmer’s market in Studio City, California today (April 22).

Though we saw Sebella in the pages of Hola! Puerto Rico and Life & Style magazines earlier this month, this is the first time we’ve spotted her out and about with her mom.

Three months into parenthood, Roselyn recently revealed that having a child has already brought her closer to her husband Eric Winter.

“Everything has changed. We definitely have gotten closer,” the former Without a Trace star said. “It’s mind-blowing,” adds her actor hubby. “You really gain a level of respect for each other that’s unparalleled.”


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    • Seriously true!! Why does every celeb protect their OWN skin and eyes, but when it comes to their kids? Nothing!

  1. My goodness, are you guys seriously telling her how to take care of her baby? Get a life! The baby is fine. I’m sure she was only in the sun for less than minute. People are so paranoid these days.

  2. True! I’m her cousin and Roselyn is so protective of Sebella. I see her stroller Right in the bottom of this pic. She took the baby out so the lingering photographers could see my beautiful baby cousin.

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