Alessandra Ambrosio Bares Her Bump

At 8-months pregnant, Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio bares her baby bump in an ad for Brazilian jewelry company Vivara. Ambrosio posted the sexy ad, shot by famous fashion photogtaphers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, on her Facebook timeline.

The 31-year-old brunette beauty – who is expecting a baby boy with fiancé Jamie Mazur – stripped down to nothing but dazzling jewels for the stunning black and white photo.

A nude photoshoot was good, because pregnancy makes me much more confident,” the Brazilian beauty said of the shots. “I’m proud of my body to be generating a life…I wasn’t ashamed to do a nude shoot for two of my favorite photographers. I’m happy to have one of the most important moments of my life recorded by them.”

This is the second time this month the model mom has shown off her burgeoning belly via social media. Last weekend, she posted a picture of her baby bump in a bikini, also on her Facebook timeline.

This will be the second bundle of joy for Ambrosio and Mazur, who are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Anja.


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  1. Is this photoshopped?
    why is there is BIG need to do a nude and Show it when you are pregnant? we get it You had SEX

    • I don’t get it ether i mesn really take the photo and keep it for you and your family at home to enjoy. I feel you can show how beautiful pregnancy can be with out getting nude from the world to see.

    • She’s a model, which means she’s half-nude half the time anyway. Maybe she did this ad because she looks stunning and is proud and happy with her pregnant body.

      • Once models didn’t show their naked pregnant body every week. Once they got pregnant, had their babies and than went back to work, they hardly showed their children around in order to be (even more) famous (alessandra’s case). Their job was modeling not be famous for their private life.
        I don’t think showing your body, pregnant or not, is wrong but in her case is too much (it may result like a lack of classy)!

          • this doesn’t make sense!what are you talking about? i was talking about 30-20 years ago
            for the records, time didn’t changed for many women around the world, and i was talking about good taste not human rights

          • this doesn’t make sense!what are you talking about? i was talking about 30-20 years ago
            for the records, time didn’t changed for many women around the world, and i was talking about good taste not human rights

  2. Why are so many close minded idiots so offended by nude pregnancy photos?? We get it! You’re jealous!!
    Grow up! The human body is a beautiful thing. If you are to ignorant to see that then YOU are the one with the problem.

    • No one said they’re offended by these photos. They just get annoying after a while….which also does not mean we’re jealous.

    • The only close minded idiots here is you that you can tell the difference between someone being offended and people being over the celebrity pregnacey nudy trend. why whould and only one be jealous?

      You need to get a clue becasue from your comment alone you have no idea what your talking about so that male you ignorant one running off at the mouth with out knowing what your talking about.

      • Sorry, Dani is right, and I think it’s a jealous thing.

        There is no “nudy trend”, and what a stupid expression by the way. There have been maybe a dozen celebrities who have done it, and the pictures have all been great.

        Don’t like ’em, don’t look. But if you REALLY didn’t like them, I doubt you’d take time out of your life to look, read, post, comment AND respond.

        • So using your reverse psychology, we secretly like these photos and are just pretending otherwise? Great logic Dr. Phil.

          • Makes sense to me. These hags look at the photos and are jealous, so that have to berate, degrade or put someone down just to make themselves feel better about themselves. It’s sad, really.

  3. You all should have Photo of your naked Mother with You in utero to show off those thing s are only attractive to the baby makers no one else finds them attractive

    • Does it make you feel better to think that this is how everyone feels, even though it’s 1000% clear that it’s not true.

      Go back to your sad little jealous life. This woman is beautiful, the picture is beautiful and if you can’t appreciate beauty, I feel really very sorry for you.

  4. The only thing Im jealous of is that I dont look like that…and (minus her belly, Im skinny, too), I’m NOT pregnant and never have been! Talk about genetically blessed. Sheesh.

  5. Actually I think the photo was shopped. Unless it was taken a couple of months ago. On her facebook page, Alessandra has a picture in her swin suit and her belly is a lot bigger comparated to this. And so are her thighs. But she does look gorgeous anyhow. I’m just saying she’s not 8 months pregnant here

  6. what a beautiful photo! and mannnn that girl has been blessed with a perfect body…she has every right to show it off :))))

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