Drew Barrymore Celebrates Baby Shower

Drew Barrymore, 37, was showered with love over the weekend.

The 50 First Dates star, who is reportedly expecting her first child with fiancé Will Kopelman, enjoyed a combined wedding and baby shower in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 21), a source tells PEOPLE.

The intimate gathering was attended by family and close friends, hosted by Leonard Goldberg and his wife Wendy at a private residence. Goldberg produced the Charlie’s Angels movies with Drew and her business partner Nancy Juvonen.

The engaged couple, who shared a kiss before entering the party, are “just enjoying talking about wedding plans and are excited for married life,” a pal says. Another source says that an expectant Drew is “excited about the wedding, but very laid back. She is definitely not a bridezilla.”

Everyone was doting on pregnant Drew and asking her how she is feeling,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She is so thrilled to be expecting, and also really excited about the wedding.”

The E.T. star has remained mum about her pregnancy, but was spotted holding a sonogram in February.


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  1. Combined WEDDING and baby shower??
    Is it just me or did Drew all of a sudden start to show ?
    a baby shower is ususally held weeks away from the due date.

    • Why don’t you trying thinking outside of your tiny little experiences? There’s a whole big world out there where baby showers are NOT held “weeks away from the due date”.

  2. Can you stop saying “reportedly pregnant”. She doesn’t have to shout it from the roof tops to know its true.

    • LOL i know, like “we still can’t say she’s pregnant for sure cause she hasn’t said a thing.” The girl is PREGNANT, period!

  3. Wow she just popped didn’t she?!

    And yah a little too soon for baby shower no? I am 32 weeks and I just had my baby shower this past weekend.

  4. I am so happy that Drew has good friends who are helping celebrate the goodness of marrying your love and having a baby!

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